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How can it be wrong when 3 readers got it right ?

This is not a story about a soul connection
This is not a story about romance
This is a story about the universe in which we live and how we sometimes have the need to make things what they aren’t as we project inner desires and fears

A client allowed me to share her story as an illustration of some important issues she wants to help others..

Let’s call her Mary…

Mary wanted to know about her romantic future and had lined up a very reputable reader, someone who came highly recommended and who she’d read a lot about.. The person was booked up for some considerable time in advance – but she took her turn and eventually got to have a reading…..

The reader described a man coming into her life, a man with an unusual mix of hobbies and career, certainly something that wouldn’t be usual in any way or could be ”general”, it was quite unusual and quite specific . In addition the reader described his hair color and eyes and personality aspects. The outcome of the prediction was that this man was perfect for her and she would marry him…

Quite bemused and excited by this Mary wanted to be sure, she didn’t want to get her hopes too high so she went to another reader and lo and behold the prediction was the same. Same guy coming in, same unusual mix – professional with unusual hobbies and same description of hair and eyes..

“WOW” could it be true ???

“Ok” she thought, “one final reading then I can be sure and not get my hopes too high just to be disappointed later”…something she had done far too many times..and she had waited many years for “the one”

A third reader was consulted and guess what.. yup the same prediction of the arrival of this guy and the same outcome – marriage and happiness..

“WOWEEE” – needless to say she was elated, the years of waiting were over…

I was eventually asked about this guy and I looked at the situation…

In my consultation I gave her the information that the next few people in her life would in fact be tests of where she was in her life, and that she was in danger of repeating certain cycles of her past and that if she did she would take herself back years.

She asked if they were “karmic connections” or “karmic relationships” and I explained there’s no such thing, karma is a universal mechanism applicable to all of life, like gravity – it applies to all things in some degree or other and therefore we can’t define relationships as that .. however soul connections do indeed exist in order to dredge up issues and force us to deal with karma as that’s their primary purpose, to force accelerated growth..ALL soul connections and despite mythology to the contrary, that there are connections that are for the purpose of physical union only, it continues to proven to be false.

I explained that if she made the right choices with these people coming in right now she could find happy choices with someone different a little later down the line and she will interact on a healthy happy loving level and so she would get her happiness and a choice of who to marry..but that the universe would never make that choice for her or anyone.

I also explained that the choices made in the coming months would decide if that happiness was a year away, or a decade….that her future is a course that she must navigate and the speed at which she travels will depend entirely on her choices… BUT that she would be happy and fulfilled and have great relationship choices but not with this present person..

That didn’t mean she couldn’t marry this guy, of course she is free to do that but that if she did it comes at a considerable price, a price she will pay for – for some time…

As expected the predictions I made were as welcome as a pig at a Barmitsvah. Mary was feeding a deep need for this guy to be that “one”

A few months go bye….then I get an email.. guess who turned up in her life. Right description, the strange mix of profession and hobby as predicted and same hair and eye color… Mary announced she was ensconced and diving headlong into a relationship and planning a future…and he was mad keen to move fast and not let her go..

Some time went bye and I received a call…

Mary asked me to look at some things because she was so worried.. Yes she’d welcomed this chance with open arms but it didn’t feel right for her..

She asked how something could feel so wrong when 3 readers had seen this guy coming with exact descriptions, exact details all the same…

Well I reminded her that her readings hadn’t been “exact” but there was some interesting detail, that the first had at least got a description of the guy but in fact it was possible that the later readers were reading her mind or hopes when they confirmed previous detail – her imagination did the rest…

She explained she didn’t find herself physically attracted to this guy and was finding it increasingly hard to stay in a relationship with him. She’d also noticed that he was a mirror of previous relationships with guys she wasn’t attracted to but had money and made her feel secure and a sort of deep hook, an addiction, …She also had to take a subservient position in the relationships in the past and let the guy control and this had been happening again with this one…

She was walking the path to the past once again…

I repeated my original prediction and for some time she hung onto the idea of the connection being all about a happy union with this man, and she had used the readers to validate that………..but finally she emailed and admitted she couldn’t really connect with this guy in any way other than a way she already knew too well but that wasn’t healthy….co-dependence. She finally decided to pull away. So he did indeed serve a powerful and significant purpose in her life.

Now more than a year later we see Mary happy – she’s moved apartments, is doing a job she loves and is peaceful and happy. She has several guys around her ( 2 more did come and go in that year and all were tests of old lessons ) but the ones around her now are healthy and she’s taking her time and finding happiness in every life event.

She will make a choice of who to be with and be happy with that choice but right now she is so enjoying life she is going to wait for something that’s right for her, something that doesn’t require compromise or fulfillment of old wounds or needs. She frequently talks of how life is so fulfilling and she will make her relationship choices on her terms, but on the universes timing. I.e. she will wait until its right not make any one “right”.

And so the answer of “how can it be wrong when 3 predictions were the same ?” is…

One prediction saw someone coming, and that reader then decided ( for whatever reason ) to superimpose their judgment onto that reading and make a marriage out of it…Remember that much as we may want it, the universe doesn’t destine marriage, that’s our freewill..

Subsequent readers most likely tuned into her wants ( telepathy ) and Mary herself must have subconsciously “fed” those readers to some extent.. Classically people can easily get to believing they are in touch with guides when it’s also their own inner voice and telepathy … add to that a want to be liked and feed clients expectations…

I am sure all the readers had best intentions but became influenced by clients needs, their need to get good feedback, and probably their own beliefs and lack of metaphysical framework or discipline…

This is what we refer to as fortune telling

Both types of readings, theirs and mine, made predictions..thats not the issue that one makes predictions and the other doesn’t….the predictions are there for you to see..

The real key is who’s the boss? In fortune telling its anything you want to believe – often along with client expectations and your own beliefs all mixed in …. A scary number of people just say what comes into their head and that’s how they’ve been taught.. But often many of these things can be personal opinions, judgments and bias added to what they get psychically..

In addition, fortune telling is designed to fulfill client expectations and often people get readings to feel better so the definition of a “good reading” is one that makes the client feel better – hence it’s a rarity to get a fully objective reading because this type of reading is a phenomenon designed by popularity not by effectiveness…

The story illustrates that it’s really not “is one psychic better than the other” it’s so much more fundamental than that. It’s about general belief being misinformed and thinking fortune telling is psychic reading simply because there’s so much of it about – and why wouldn’t there be, it’s based on keeping clients happy…

In the disciplines I and others work to, the psychic reading ( as defined by the Psychic Guidance Code of Practice ) its only the universe is the boss – and there’s no second option, belief or personalization…and those rules are unbendable… and we do that for a reason. I hope the story helps illustrate the reasons and how peoples emotional futures are important and should be respected with objectivity and discipline in the practices..

And so the punch line is to demonstrate how what’s called “psychic” covers two entirely different fields – they could not be more different – and yet are often referred to in the same terms.

Mary’s inner need was so strong that her urge to make people who they aren’t was driving her.. The fortune tellers she called saw practical detail but not much else and were tuning into her needs and sometimes what she wanted to hear. So for Mary to be happy she needed to recognize this need and work with and indeed that’s what she went on to do.

Its absolutely classical that some reader sees a level of practical detail and the “well they must be right because they saw he has a blue car and he has a cat called Norman and the “he’s amazing I didn’t have to ask him anything ! ” kicks in for you ….and then everything he says is gospel.. but as i explain in other articles this simply means they can see just the practical stuff or read that from you – that’s a WORLD of difference form being able to read the universe and whats behind the events.. BUT it impresses people and that’s what its designed to do…that is fortune telling in a nutsell… psychic guidance it ain’t..

Finally before anyone emails to say “this story isn’t over what about the relationship” remember this is already a story with a happy ending – she’s happy she will now choose who to share that ending with when she’s ready.

OR she will stop doing the work on herself and go around the whole loop again perhaps this time with someone else.. thats her choice…

To see the work Mary did click here

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  1. Totally agreed, thats what I would differentiate as fortune telling as opposed to psychic reading, the later being reading what can be objectively seen as opposed to what can be “cooked up”

  2. One of the biggest problems that I encounter in my work is the people who just dont want to hear the truth. They are highly manipulative, enter a reading with a firm idea of what they want you to tell them and anything less than that is met with anger. In this past week alone I have had three calls from people who said I obviously wasnt a ‘real’ psychic and was just giving my opinion.

    So if its what they want to hear Im a great psychic and if it isnt then its ‘just my opinion’. This indicates that they were never looking for a ‘real’ reading, they were looking for a fairytale and when people seek a psychic reading in that frame of mind they wont have to search too long before they find an excellent story teller.

    I agree that there are a lot of charlatans out there peddling utter nonsense, but the people seeking the readings need to get a reality check too and some of them remind me of the Fool – soon parted with his money.

  3. Great read. I went to a gypsy psychic once, before I called you. She was so frustrated. She couldn’t read my mind because I had nothing on it. I wondered if she could tell me anything and she couldn’t. She asked me probing questions and then told me my “soul mate” would arrive in 6 weeks. Whatever. I knew that wasn’t happening.

    I love the last bit about the relationship. We as humans encourage each other to be so outcome focused, its funny actually. Because the most glarringly obvious “facts” of our life experience is that its held between birth/death. Now, let’s set aside that beginning/end paradox. Those anchor points should tell us all its the process – for us here and now – that matters most.

  4. Thanks for such a fantastic article Steve! I have been going through a soul mate connection for a few years now and before I spoke to Steve I had been having a vast number of readings about my life. At one point a number of readers “reassured” me that I would be swept off my feet by someone else. The person they described (down to his physical appearance, unusual interests, career, and even the unusual way that we met etc) did indeed turn up. Because “spirit” had predicted that this man would be the one for me, I was totally devastated when it turned out that I felt nothing for him. I just could not see myself with him romantically or otherwise but I beat myself up over it because I felt I must be wrong. Afterall, how could those readers and spirit all be wrong??? I doubted my own decisions and my own instincts because I was emotionally vulnerable. This situation, and having done the PN work with Steve, has shown me how fab it is to trust my own instincts and be happy with the decisions I make! Thanks once again Steve

  5. This is a great article and a good reminder of the dangers of blindly following advice from readings that may not be “truth”. I have gone down some painful paths following such advice, which I hold myself responsible for as I didn’t follow my gut instincts, believing that “spirit” knew best. I have learnt valuable lessons though, so have no regrets. I’ve only ever had one reading with Steve and it has proven to be the truly only accurate reading I have ever had. I got the facts without the “fluff” and it has placed me firmly on my correct path!

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