Here’s some of my quotes – feel free to use them ..

For anyone frustrated at not being able to manifest the abundance they want – consider what sort of parent the universe would be if she gave her kids all they wanted, and what sort of kids they’d end up being if they got it…

A soul connection is a spiritual experience with romantic implications not a romantic experience with spiritual implications..

Sometimes whats in your own head, talking in your own voice, is not in your own interests..

Often the most veracious attackers are good people deluded into thinking they’re fighting to right a wrong.

Manifesting abundance in an already abundant world is simply going for control or ownership

Follow up:

[About soul connections] In many cases, not getting the relationship you thought you wanted, when you wanted it, is not some cosmic screw up – but God saving your ass ….

[About soul connections] It’s all about the relationship…until it’s not all about the relationship..

Reality is no respecter of viewpoint, if you want to test that, try believing in something and then not believing in it…then see if anything outside of your own self changed….

It’s not about believing there’s a divine structure and intelligence to the universe, just a window to look out of to see it….

Forgive but still hold people accountable for their actions ,you may just be saving the next guy a lot of pain….and one day you could be the next guy

Life isn’t personal we just make it seem that way

Having opinions and being able to express them is about human rights – inflicting actions on others on the assumption that those opinions reflect reality is often about human wrongs.

I had a friend who didn’t believe in water….but he drowned

When thinking of the “other half” remember you weren’t born half of anything – but a small part of everything.

Happiness can only come from within, and that’s usually when the stuff from without is sufficiently far away as to not constantly challenge that…

[With regard to self-help books or books on spirituality] there’s some inescapable universal law that you either own none or at least 3….

Be careful that you don’t take away peoples pain when it’s the very thing they are meant to have to learn their path.

In order to understand and transcend pain it must become your friend and you must learn why it exists..

Sometimes reading what i supposedly said and did is so interesting I wish I’d really done it..

I often read that I specialize… in soul connections… or relationships… or energy or this or that or whatever…which is the exact opposite of the truth… Really it’s only through relating to the workings of the energy universe on a global level, the human spiritual journey within it, and cosmic law that rule everyhing, that we can then really start to make sense of any specific subject…

Destiny never defines future events in terms of person AND place AND issues AND timing…. If at least one of those weren’t down to freewill there’d be no way for us to screw it all up and then learn from our mistakes..

Fortune telling is letting you know that you can sit and watch TV and the future will happen anyway.. Psychic consultation is telling you why you can’t and what will happen in either eventuality…

Happiness is available when we realize it doesn’t come with the custom options we want – but how the designer intended it to be for us..

The scariest thing to hear is “it must be real because i feel it”

Love doesn’t need anything to complete it.. but need is always incomplete..

Often the emotion of the moment isn’t from the moment…but recycled from a long time ago…

I agree the human mind is an amazing thing. Its about the only mechanism that could inhabit the only life-rich planet within trillions of cubic light years of utterly empty space…. and then still need tranquilizers because it doesn’t feel special….

The power for profound transformation and happiness lies within every soul – the power to f**k that up lies between every set of ears..

The most wonderous thing about the Internet is that it connects everyone in the world. The scariest thing about the Internet is that it connects everyone in the world.

There’s some shared insanity that says we can all agree that gravity pulls things downward to the earth because we can all see it, and yet we can’t all agree on the universal processes which are equally as self evident – because we live in a society that tells us that its not in fact self evident and we can form opinion and each have that as our own version of the truth.

Our universe works in cycles, in an ever changing ebb and flow of opposites and it’s only when we can roll with these cycles neither labeling them “good” nor “bad”, but accepting both equally that we can achieve oneness. No positive thinking, no affirmations, just balance and flow..If an event is a test or reward is entirely down to how flexible you are to this process.

It’s a good job we only develop a fear of failing later in life or we’d never have learned to walk or ride a bike…

When we get hurt by someone who acts from fear we become a victim. When we let that fear hurt others we become a perpetrator. When we suppress the fear with reassurance we become an addict. And when we finally decide too many people have been hurt so we face the fear – we become a healer.

Enlightenment is 1% knowing the answer and 99% learning how to remove, discard and destroy everything that stopped us being able to live and work with that answer in peace and harmony.

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