Quote From the Front Lines

I get emails from clients which contain such great quotes and wisdom I’d love to share just in case it helps anyone in any way.. Thank you for the permission to do so….

“Sometimes it’s a hard choice to make between spiritual discussion forums or Jerry Springer – both are compulsive human drama but at least on Jerry Springer the fightings’ fair” – Greg W

“Don’t wait for an Angel, be someone elses” – Jenny Q

“It takes 43 muscles to frown and 17 muscles to smile…but only half a dozen or so to slap…! ” – pointy-hat-lady

“Pain is rendered pointless when you disallow its purpose.”,Black Crow

“Sadly, all too often we seem to want to believe we have free will about some issues. But for any issues that we think will make us happy, we want it to be predestined.” – pointy-hat-lady

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