The Ptsen-Nuh System

The Ptsen-Nuh Energy mapping system is a set of tools for your life that aim to achieve the following

  • Emotional healing from old wounds and fears
  • React how you’d like to – not to old patterns and triggers
  • Really understand emotional responses to people and situations
  • Be centered, in peace, aware of self and of flowing
  • Create, manage and enforce personal energy space
  • Counter addiction, depression and overeating
  • Stay balanced, empowered and in oneness
  • Optimize your energies’ ability to heal the body
  • Enjoy life as it can be in the moment
  • No more unmanaged stress !!
  • Make it all permanent

Ptsen-Nuh has its own website

The case studies of people who’ve used Ptsen-Nuh

Here are just a few examples


Joni’s Soul Shock

The Pain Has Gone – Irene

Loving Life

Journal Addiction – Julie