“Ptsen-Nuh Energy Mapping ( “PN” )

ENERGY MAPPING Ptsen-Nuh ( pronounced “sen-new” ) is a new and immensely powerful tool to change ones consciousness.

The process is one of…

Identification of the flaws of the ego state with its needs wants and projections and achieving detachment from it .

Following that an understanding of energetic attachments and influences and achieving detachment from others, removal of dependencies and influences.

Inner journeying to the center – mapping energetic responses and learning self stimulus to gain control of ones state of being.

The ultimate journey to changing self……….

Many of us have read self-help books or been to seminars on how to unlock our full potential, to alleviate fear and insecurity and understand how we can be empowered to feel good and to more easily face life’s’ many challenges… Most of what’s published focuses on conditioning the mind to believe we are capable of an infinite number of things if only we can think differently. If we can re-condition our thought patterns and old behaviors we can unlock our innate power and take away self-defeating mechanisms, fear insecurity and worry..

BUT do you also notice, that whilst initially having very positive results, people tend to slip back into the ‘old ways’ once the feel good factor of the work has faded away. Human minds have an innate tendency to slip into negativity…hence the work of forcing ourselves to become always positive requires constant support… The reason for the very limited long term success of these strategies is extremely simple.

What underlies, what creates these negative thought patterns in the first place is something infinitely more powerful…EMOTIONS. In other words, we can chant our power mantras, look in the mirror and tell ourselves we are strong and will go forward and take on the world….but do we really FEEL it ?

Unless we can get to a place where we really FEEL powerful and centered, old emotional patterns will gradually put us back into that place from where we came, recreating those negative mental patterns…. We can feel great and be thinking positive but we go into work and the boss is having a bad day, the results of which find some focus on us and how easily do we slip back into “stinking thinking”…

A deeper journey into inner self and understanding our energies in a more detailed sense than just at each chakra level is a key to seeing how and why we react emotionally to different stimulus, what triggers have been implanted through life’s experiences, and what destabilizes our inner feeling of peace and harmony.

Using most of the conventional techniques to just cleanse this chakra or that chakra is not usually working with how these little and quite complex energy centers function with us as a human in our daily life at an integrated enough level to make permanent change….however Ptsen-Nuh Energy Mapping is different
You will be shown through demonstration, how to really understand how the energies and energy centers work within the body, what they do , what they control, how they relate and most importantly, how to manage them yourself, which brings an incredible feeling of being centered, empowered and at peace.

The core principles of Ptsen-Nuh Energy Mapping are;

1. How to be aware of ego based responses, old conditioning and ‘stinking thinking’ – versus emotional and energetic responses
2. Learning some simple but powerful meditations to center and balance daily
3. Revealing a complete map of your energetic responses to stimulus from other people and situations
4. Detaching, disempowering and taking control of destructive energetic reactions
5. Creating, managing and enforcing personal energy space
6. Maintaining a discipline of staying centered, balanced, empowered and in control

How it works.

Ptsen-Nuh Energy Mapping is not counseling, psychology or healing of any kind. It does not replace any conventional therapies, offer diagnosis or treatment of any physical or psychological states and there is no hypnosis, no energy transfer, no energetic intervention or “healing” and no judgment of anything of your personal make up… Its 100% non interventional – its simply training in how to use meditation and a detailed understanding of your own energy systems in order to make changes to your state of being…
Ptsen-Nuh Energy Mapping teaches you a powerful meditation technique to take you on a guided journey through their your energies with many demonstrations of how you can harness and understand all of the many levels of the 7 chakra energy centers that make up who we are. The method is the result of many years of study and combining some extremely well proven meditation techniques and much detailed knowledge of the energy systems into some simple and easy to use techniques. You are 100% in control and the process happens because you choose to do it….

The secret is teaching a deep and unique understanding of what your energies are, how they really work, how they interact, how they make you feel respond and act, and to allow you to experience this first hand through meditation… Forget the theories, using this meditation you will actually journey into your own energy centers and actually feel them, feel their responses and actions and begin to really become aware of your inner self on a level most people will not achieve without a technique like this.
And really most powerfully, be shown how to balance your own energies without the need for energy techniques like intervention from a ‘healer’ or energy worker….

Although many of these concepts may sound familiar, they underpin many techniques however the process of Ptsen_Nuh is radically different in nearly every way which is why its so effective, and you will not come across its actual techniques anywhere else.. They are not published anywhere and are only available as part of the course of work so that they can be kept separate from other methods

All work is conducted via the telephone. How can this be ? Well just like in psychic reading, energy has no distance or time so physical proximity is not necessary, in fact research has proven its more effective to work this way with the recipient in the comfort of their home.

Ptsen-Nuh home site http://www.healmyenergy.com

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