Psychic Reading or Fortune Telling ?

In answer to some recent emails asking about what can and can’t be predicted by how destiny defines the future, this article includes the psychic guidance code of practise that I published some months ago and which explains the differences between fortune telling and ethical psychic reading ..

Please note that both techniques make predictions…
Please note that both techniques will sometimes give timing sometimes not

the core differences are that fortune telling works on a premise of many or all future events being pre-destined hence anything can be predicted…in that case you have no freewill your here as a passenger..or that you can change what’s predestined by using freewill, ( which means it wasn’t destined anyway ) or that your freewill can be predicted in advance ( which means it wasn’t ever freewill anyway.)..

This often gets confused when a fortune teller in their effort to only be limited by your questions or to try to enhance their reputation, will predict absolutely everything – and even if they are psychically reading the destined parts right, they’re making a judgment call or guess on the parts that are freewill…rather than explaining that those are options with different outcomes..

Sometimes that guess will hit right – thus it appears that they predicted 100% but sometimes their guess will miss terribly hence the reading was seen as 50% or less….

This is where reading gets its reputation of “variability”

Often in online services you’ll see glowing 5 star ratings followed by 1 star ones then back to 5 star..thats one example of this phenomenon at work..

However for those who stick with ethical practices of what can really be predicted then their readings often aren’t as glamorous but infinitely more reliable.. No 1 star then 5 star then 1 star stuff usually…but also usually not referred to in terms as glowing as some deity..

One of the hard truths is that the future isn’t always glamorous, and doesn’t come destined in the way we want and thats not a hugely sellable commodity… Hence the best readers aren’t usually in the spotlight but quietly plugging away in the middle ground or the background and have very consistent feedback and consistent results..

People who are in emotionally vulnerable places will usually go for the glowingly detailed shiny version as they are trying to find more and more understanding in order to work with their pain…..but unfortunately they can also be more and more exploited, become more and more addicted and more and more distressed when it doesn’t come to pass..

Fortunately people’s awareness of the difference is gradually growing and the field splitting into more visibly delineated areas… however there’s probably a long way to go and in the meantime it will be a strange day in paradise before people stop making incorrect assumptions .. but ya can’t have everything can you…

The psychic guidance code of practice ( below and at ) was designed to have 10 simple but very clear guidelines to address these issues and show people what they’re getting with their reader or consultant. A list of people who subscribe to the code is growing and slowly but surely we hope it will aid people in making choices that are informed and safe for them

Extract from the Psychic guidance Code of Practice”

Why we need the code

The term ‘psychic reading’ can conjure up different things for different people, however most often the term is used to associate with fortune telling – the sort of thing where there’s a belief that the future is fixed and everything and anything can be predicted it’s simply down to the talent of a reader how much of this they can see… these expectations often extending even to when someone will pick up the phone to call you..or worse still that the reader will remove a curse or bring your lover back…

That association isn’t the real story, nor are many of the ludicrous claims that go with it – and all it serves to do is make people confuse the ‘medicine show mysticism’ with the real work and disciplines…. Unfortunately due to the proliferation of these sort of claims, especially on the web, the field of real psychic reading within grounded and real metaphysical / spiritual disciplines and knowledge; often suffers from being confused with this poor-relation because people don’t realize the difference…

The real truth however is that psychic reading skills are in fact used in some of the most ancient, ethical and reliable spiritual disciplines …but they are a part of a bigger picture.

Real psychic Guidance has been one of a set of very well respected and proven metaphysical practices for many hundreds of years…reading all of the energies within a context of understanding and knowledge of universal law, in a similar way to say astrology.. For example recognizing that future is a series of options that are a combination of destined events and freewill choices, each of which represent tests and rewards, making a matrix or path that we must navigate through.. Proper reading looks at these and informs you you how the events interact with energy to bring your lessons and plot your path of progression or regression.

Psychic Guidance Consultation explains why you have these events in your life, what it is you are meant to learn from them, and how best to navigate the path towards your destiny… Yes psychic guidance readings do predict the future, and for real, not some random hit and miss, but always that will involve explaining the part you have to play to make it happen.. This helps you define the future not just wait for it from a fortune telling…

The Psychic Guidance Code of Practice has been established for caring ethical professionals to delineate their work as adhering to these standards..

The Psychic Guidance Code..

1. Psychic Guidance Consultations are objective ethical guidance using only proven metaphysical disciplines and techniques in which the consultant is accomplished and has a track record. No consultant is qualified to offer, medical, psychological, legal or financial advise.. No consultation is to be used as an alternative to consulting a licensed professional in their field..

2. No techniques are used purely on the basis of a belief (for example using only spirit guides for readings). Unlike other types of reader, expect a psychic guidance consultant to work in several disciplines and to make the choice which ones are best to use in each case.

3. Psychic Guidance Consultations respect that giving the client the truth behind the driving forces, events and situations through using the best possible techniques, is the highest form of professionalism and respect – irrespective of anyone’s opinion or judgment. A successful consultation is not defined by (a.) how much better or worse you feel afterwards (b.) only wanting to know things you didn’t already know, (c.) agreeing with your or other people’s ideas, or (d.) how much detail is delivered in any particular aspect..

4. Psychic Guidance Consultations are compassionate and respectful but cannot make your decisions for you nor offer emotional support. You take full responsibility for any actions you take on the basis of any consultation.

5. Psychic Guidance Consultations will always respect the Universal Laws that future events are based upon a combination of factors that are not all fixed, that you and other have some input, and that the energy universe works in sequences of events not timing as related to earthly time.

6. Unlike other readers, expect Psychic Guidance Consultants’ websites and material to focus on their work, not the person themselves. They will explain what they can offer you, their services and what others say about them rather than what they say about themselves..

7. A Psychic Guidance Consultation requires that you are honest and open with your consultant and ready to work with them. Using trick questions or tests will simply make a proper consultation impossible to conduct.

8. Psychic Guidance Consultations may not be used to confirm or verify the work of others, each consultation is independent.. You will not be told you are cursed, nor offered spells or to reunite lovers… nor will your consultation be required to agree to any popular beliefs at that time : for example that we can manifest what we want or that you can attract a twin soul or other such phenomenon of popular spirituality.

9. Psychic Guidance consultations are not affiliated to any religion, they simply respects that there is an ultimate force of divine creation.

10. Psychic Guidance consultations are mutually confidential. That means if you require the consultant to respect the confidentiality of your consultation so must you, and that means you may not publish direct quotes from the contents of your consultation in part or in whole, and that includes in online forums.. .This is not a restriction of freedom of speech it is simply mutuality of confidentiality covering specifics of publishing your consultation ( not your opinion or feedback ) .. this includes the Internet.

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