Psychic Reading or Mind Reading?

In answer to some emails on the subject, and to expand one area that can be very confusing for people…

The question is from people who’ve been to readers of various types, and some of these readers gave them very detailed practical information of their life to date – but the predictions didn’t happen or worse still what they told them other people felt or thought, turned out to be very different from the prediction.

By “gave them very detailed practical information” we mean the stuff like that they have a black cat and its name begins with an “N”, that they went to see granny last week, that their apartment has green curtains.. there’s a tall guy who’s a lawyer around them or that they are thinking of changing jobs.

All good readings should have knowledge of the persons present state but what we’re describing here is when they’re given very great practical detail of stuff the person already knows – but that anything else turns out to be off track or simply doesn’t come to pass.

This question is a classic question, by classic i mean its been around for decades and is one of the big issues where people get confused, or are sometimes deliberately misled when they aren’t necessarily aware of the difference between psychic / metaphysical work or fortune telling or mysticism.

Some people even think thats how readings are supposed to be, that the reader starts by telling you what you already know, but no real self respecting reader is going to focus on that – they are focused on giving you whats real in the now and in the future that you need to be concerned about in order to travel the right path, irrespective of the first name of your neighbors cat or that Mum has the flu…

Nowadays this issue is especially bad due to the proliferation of modern online “psychic” sites, because now that term ( psychic ) has become blurred to mean all of the above – the meta-physicists in with the mind readers, the mystics in with the mediums and the psychics in with the fortune tellers…..all to the detriment of the whole genre

Back to the question…. and how these readings come about …and the answer is that the techniques used to give people extremely detailed practical information about their present or past circumstances – but get other things wrong ( as per these types of reading ) is ……. telepathy or mind reading

Often used nowadays as remote viewing and well known to most stage magicians, using telepathy or mind reading has long been trained as “gypsy reading” ( not my description but what its sometimes called ) – designed to impress people up front in order to illicit money from passers bye by giving them something that the person couldn’t know about them. Its the stuff of the old end-of-the-pier crystal ball readers and the stage mind readers and it can be taught to anyone… Its power is that most people aren’t aware that its a natural ability everyone can use, and you can pull out amazing detail of whats in someones head but hardly ever anything of the future or the real elements that surround the person’s life.

The information the reader is getting is solely from your thoughts. You will find that if you have a fear when having the reading, that that fear pops right up. On the other hand if you have a belief something will happen soon, the reading confirms that…If your thinking “i will change job soon” a job change is predicted.

Whats even more interesting is the power of auto-suggestion where its “predicted” you’ll do something on a Thursday and lo and behold you did, or that your friend will call Wednesday and you were so hyped on Wednesday and so connecting to them telepathically that they actually did call on that day….but of course you influenced that from having the belief implanted…

Some readers who are untrained but have a belief in their own abilities don’t even realize they’re doing it and probably believe its coming from a guide or its psychic, adding the prediction parts from their own belief, thoughts or imagination subconsciously. Sadly others definitely do know they’re doing it..

This article isn’t pointed at any one person or group nor is it saying this type of work doesn’t have its value for anyone wanting it. What it does do when advertised in with or confused with the same work as of the credible trained practitioners, is to cause inappropriate disillusionment of any and all psychic metaphysical work, lumping the good in with the bad.. This sort of telepathic reading most often lengthens peoples pain as it can raise their expectations only to see them dashed later.

Its the most “showbiz”, is advertised with the most outrageous claims and is the the most addictive and always has been. But this temporary relief of having your thoughts confirmed gradually becomes a highly addictive drug as the long awaited outcome pushes further into the future…

The “mind reading” reading has an added advantage to the “reader” that when you the client has spent $$$$$ and left lots of stunning feedback its a little embarrassing to go back six months later and change it when nothing turned out to be right…besides which you perhaps so want it to come true you don’t want to write it off just yet… Hence they rarely get the comeback they just retain the glowing feedback based on something that never actually happened.

One of the ways to test if this is whats happening in your reading is that the level of practical detail is often considerable and the person will usually grab things and give them to you, things you didn’t ask about. The reading seems to be full of detail but most of it is from whats happening now on the purely practical level only. Whats hardly ever in these readings is the real surrounding destiny elements, the why something should be happening and what you should learn from it, and how it affects your life path…

Often in these readings they’re fatalist “he’s gone get over it” or “you will be married in December” and yet we know that destiny doesn’t define your date of marriage because you MUST have input to that from freewill, and if its freewill it cant be pre-destined ! ……but that doesn’t stop us wanting to believe it can… and thats when we are utterly vulnerable to this type of reading…

These types of readings are focused on emotionally vulnerable people who want reassurance and thus buy into the outrageous claims and emotionally charged gushing feedback, ( rather than those with long term steady feedback and consistent results ) and thats what those claims and that dramatic feedback were designed to do. In addition, they get a bad name for people who spend years training properly, a bad name from the implication that this stuff is somehow in the same field as the real disciplines, yet overall they cause more dismay distress and disappointment than the real thing….

And when we ask why the outcome was different we usually hear “oh well freewill changed it”. But if it was a prediction of destiny in the first place then freewill couldn’t have changed it could it ????…

And yes people do need to be trained and developed, not least to use the gifts; which are like any other gift for example to be able to sing. It still requires masses of training and a very high level of commitment.. Add to that probably one of the hardest of all disciplines, to be away from their own thoughts and opinions in order that they give you what they see from using those gifts – all of the elements like destiny, freewill, karma, paths, options… objectively and and in the proper context.. may or may not not be what you want to hear at the time but it leads to empowerment not disappointment…

Sadly at times we all want the future to be freewill when things are going ok and destined to get better despite freewill when they aren’t.. The future always has been, always is and always will be an interaction of the two – just read cayce or nostradamus and other great works and see. And so your real reading may not be what you want to hear, and you may well have some work to do on your part as well as destiny on hers.. But this type of reading will always pass the test in the longer run because it’s geared to how the universe defines the future..

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