Powerful People Dis-Empower Fastest


It has been my pleasure to work with some of the most naturally powerful people its possible to meet….all of whom I met when they were about as powerless as it’s possible to be.

Many people with a high level of Qi ( chi ) find life especially challenging because they are very passionate and sensitive and fiery and caring… a potent mix… And they’re utterly dis-empowered because any time its been expressed people have judged them..so they turn it down and turn it down and over years and years its been suppressed and suppressed..

I often hear “I’m too emotional” or “I have too much anger” .. and my answer is HELL NO .. Chi, that which flows as emotions among other things, is the fuel of life.. its the battery pack in the Duracell bunny and we must flow with it..

Sadly, very sadly, and its something that frustrates me, often they have been exposed to what they refer to as some form of “spirituality” that has told them that anger is a ‘negative’ energy and other such pop psychology which is about as far as you can get from sound metaphysics.
The energy that fuels anger and passion is the same energy that heals the physical body.. its VITAL.. suppress it and find out.

And so they are bound by ties of judgment about their emotions, seeing anger as “bad” and compassion as “good” and becoming voluntarily dis-empowered…

Their problem is not the energy, their problem is they were never taught how to use it in a way that does not require anyone else to be part of the equation and to make it to flow to the MAX through themselves without having to scream at the woman in the checkout, molest the guy in the auto-shop, wail like a baby at a movie about rabbits or become totally submissive in a relationship to avoid “scaring the person off”…

So I am asked “can you help me control my emotions” and the answer is NO, I will help you open them all the way up to 11.. let them fly because that’s how it’s supposed to be.. BUT, just like the surfing instructor, I will teach you how to fly through them, be carried by them, be empowered by them.. instead of drowning as they crash over you.

It never fails to seem to be the worst sin of mankind that we have not been taught these things because instead we favor the “get drunk, get laid, get over it” mode of coping instead.
End of rant… 😉

Love and light AND power and objectivity.. never leave out the second two, they only come as a set…

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