Ptsen-Nuh Energy Mapping ( PN ) recognizes that the deepest primal drive of the human energy system is the emotion.. and it recognizes how we really don’t tend to understand the difference between real emotions, replayed or residual ( stored ) emotions, and sense memory – all of which can feel the same but are vitally different. It is in this and many other ways that it is radically different in approach

Prior to learning the difference, most of us would simply describe all of these as “emotions” and react to them equally, often struggling to rationalize thoughts and actions that they drive.

The purpose of this article is not to go into these aspects in detail, that’s something that is part of the process of learning PN, however it is to illustrate a state that Ptsen Nuh describes as “Hyper Personal” or “HP”, and illustrate how the flip-flop behavior of this state is generated from residual emotional energies within the chakra system.

In PN we recognize that this is an energy issue – we do not seek to use in any way any traditional clinical or psychological methods, to look into mental illness or diagnosis, nor represent, judge, qualify or otherwise any medical practices. We simply seek to explain how the most powerful forces at work in the human, the soul’s energies within the 7 charkas, can drive behavior, and to explain those processes.

“Hyper Personalized” or HP”

In a stressed situation, most people’s emotions are very close to the surface. These will include all residual emotions stored in the energy centers, along with all the sense memories (remembering what pain feels like etc)… The culmination of this process is that we don’t have clarity on the “real” emotions, ie the appropriate emotional responses to actual situations, as opposed to the residual ( old ) ones.

Residual energies and sense memory come hard-wired to triggers, like explosicves wired to tripwires, and usually someone who’s in the HP state has had these old wounds and memories triggered.

These may or may not also be real energies, ( ie emotions that are appropriate, proportional and relevant to an actual situation ), however usually the residual ones are more powerful and thus the person will usually be exhibiting extreme emotional stress, way above that which we would expect from the situation they have experienced.

When in this state, in PN we refer to it as HP or “Hyper Personalized”. What that means is that an individual is in a state of energetic disarray and will be subject to random thoughts and erratic behaviors as they flip-flop or become polarized in tendency, going from one extreme to the other trying to find a solution that “fits”.

They will also tend to lose objectivity and make things very subjective, responding in the opposite or an irrational way to things that aren’t personal to them but because they are so easily emotionally triggered in the HP state, they simply can’t depersonalize things.

What we mean by the flip-flop association trying to find a solution that “fits” is that that part of the human mind that reacts to things, seems to try to “think” of a concept, a construct, that is the one solution or gives us the associated emotion of peace or “aha i found the answer i can rest easy”…Its like searching for a person, belief, structure or something to make us “feel ok” as the anti drug for the emotional stress that’s being experienced.

Of course if the person is reacting to old ( residual ) emotions and sense memory ( which most will be ) then there is no one fix because the very state of emotional confusion they are in, isn’t solely brought about from one external force or situation, therefore no one external solution will ever fix it…Thus the person flip-flops to and from different ‘constructs’ of what the answer is.

What we tend to notice in these HP situations is that the person takes everything very personally and attaches significance to things in a way that they may not when they were in a more stable emotional state.

People tend to be idolized or berated, and often ideas or concepts are similarly polarized in extreme ways… The swinging from one person to another, one solution to another, the next one always being the ideal and the last one the problem, is very common…

Its not uncommon to find people in this state following a pattern of attachment to people who they see as the solution and idealizing them very quickly, later to simply trash them and move to the next one, extremely rapidly.

Every human can experience these aspects but the great news is that they can be dealt with and the residual triggers removed… Its not a judgment of anyone if they’re suffering from residual emotional triggers, it’s a product of life experience that most of the time was beyond the persons control..

The only permanent solution to this is to remove those emotions and it is only you can can release them because of your processes that are holding on to them..

Interventional or “forced” energy techniques cannot release these energies properly because of how they’re attached to these mental constructs that retain them. And if external healers try they can cause severe mental and emotional trauma in their clients. For example techniques like kundailini are notoriously dangerous and are know to be able to cause instability or even psychosis…

In Ptsen-Nuh Energy Mapping you are the one releasing these energies and so you retain balance while you’re doing it…nobody’s doing anything to your energy other than you and thus the system isn’t being put into false states that are unhealthy or even dangerous

When we can unlock that underlying emotional residual and release it using good disciplined guided release, the behavioral aspects subside as rapidly as they came…

Case Studies, Feedback, Comments, Explanation and Audio available on the website

Please do not confuse Ptsen Nuh Energy Mapping with modalities like ( for example ) Chakra clearing or Reikie It is a complete set of teaching, context, understanding and methods that will change how you understand yourself and how you work..and is probably one of the most powerful ways to change that you will come across. More details on the website and case studies

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