Oneness not Myness


Oneness is not a static state it is a dynamic state. it is not a state of control of emotions, it is a state of acceptance and feeling all emotions as much as we can as often as we can and being ok with that. It is a state where we will be angry and frustrated as much as we will be joyful as much as we will be sad.. and letting it roll and flow.. There are no “good” or “bad” emotions there are only emotions..

These emotions are nothing to do with anyone else and we do not release them at others, or because of others, or in spite of others, or to affect others, we just release them. These emotions don’t mean anything because emotions have no conceptual meaning, that is all superimposed by the ego – emotions are there simply there to be experienced and released

It is not knowing ourselves, liking ourselves, loving ourselves because there is only one self and the idea of it loving itself or liking itself is ludicrous.. There is just one self and we do not seek to in anyway integrate this ego that likes or dislikes or judges us because it is not us.

Oneness has no element of knowing anything, nothing conceptual, no words, no symbolism, no icons and no thoughts, it is a state of flow of energy only and all the symbolism is a function of the ego needing to attach icons and concepts..

Oneness has never been achieved from reading anything or being told anything because it has no conceptual elements, that is just the ego needing to attach concepts to what is non conceptual and thats why we cant ever achieve oneness as long as we think we can “get” it…

It is something one is trained to achieved not taught to achieve. We can not do it ourselves because even the idea that we can stand back from our ego is itself a concept and thus creates a paradox.. It can only be trained but it can not be trained by any disciplines that require you to believe anything..

Oneness can not be achieved by anyone else “healing” you, it can only be achieved by learning the right processes and doing it yourself..

This has been proven and proven and proven and proven and proven and there is no lack of evidence over hundreds and thousands of years .. But what that evidence will never do is influence the ego which wants to personalize, attach, have it its way, make it “my path is different” or “to me it means this” or “I need to understand” etc because the ego wasn’t, isn’t and never will be objective and so no world of proof, no universe of proof will influence it against what it wants to see..

Oneness is a state that is the same for all, it is what unites us and our universe, whereas pop spirituality is vested in feeding the ego of “my path is different”. Only situations are different and situations are physical, the spiritual path is about states of energy not situations.. it lives in the one truth, the one meaning and the one state of alignment with the universe, hence oneness..

My apologies to ‘pick and mix’ spirituality and pop psychology, its not personal.

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