One Planet – Two Worlds


The subjective views the world through what he believes – from which he forms opinions.

The objective chooses to not use beliefs nor form opinion – he waits until there is clear evidence of something that has been demonstrated over a period of time and even then constantly reviews.. he does not use other peoples opinion as evidence.

The subjective does not see the objective as being objective, because to him the objective just believes he is….and at the same time the subjective also believes that he himself is being objective about this.

The objective does not believe he is objective nor does he believe he isn’t, he realizes the terrible danger of belief, and instead lives in mode of constant evaluation and re-evaluation of his perception and actions, against the real evidence around…

The objective can not have any emotional, political, religious or cultural need to prove any theory or outcome, he must live by what the evidence shows..truth must be the highest and only order

The subjective is emotionally, culturally. politically or religiously attached to evidence supporting his beliefs..

To the objective, the weight of evidence is what he follows..

The subjective will dismiss the weight of evidence as long as he finds even one thing that supports his beliefs.

The subjective uses projection … he is the one functioning from indoctrination and emotional attachment, but he will project that its the objective who is doing that…

Subjectives recruit people who support their beliefs, thus become more affiliated and emotionally attached to clubs, political parties, groups etc

Objectives look at as wide a range of people, experience and input as possible …


What makes the objective into a subjective ?
Cultural, political or religious indoctrination
Emotional attachment
Unresolved emotional trauma


What makes the subjective into an Objective ?
Letting go of all beliefs ( ego death )
Working through all residual unresolved emotions to become emotionally free


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