Objective Metaphysics and ‘Oneness’

A lot of what’s “out there” under the banner of spirituality, is geared to convince you that there’s something missing.. Everything from that you have a twin part of your soul that you’re looking for, that you need to align with a second or ‘higher’ self, that you need to hear your spirit guides, that you need to change your DNA, that you need to be able to overpower your mind, or that you need to subscribe to a set of beliefs.. This premise that something is missing, is the common denominator of the cults and belief based practices.

Far far from that at the other end of the “spiritual universe” so to speak is the work I do which is objective metaphysics which demonstrates that spiritually you came whole and it is only by being influenced by society that you became fragmented as do we all at some time due to all these influences and interacting with humans and the tests of life.. It shows you that we need no other spirits to find that wholeness again, we need nothing other than to remove all these embedded destructive beliefs, all energetic hierarchy, no higher or lower self, and to just reintegrate the whole as you were when you arrived.

All the parts have always been there, we just need to throw away a lot that we acquired since we’ve been here. It is through this process that includes something referred to commonly as “ego death” that is the gateway to that peace. it doesn’t come in different sizes and flavors, its not different for me or for you and it brings one type of peace that’s called peace..

Thus we can only even consider accessing it when we surrender that our choices, beliefs and subscriptions “are” or “define” us, as in the model that we refer to as “ego”.. That has to be abandoned first…

Disintegration of that which has become integrated – known generically as “ego death”, being broken down back into the core ingredients that we came with has been so well established form many thousands of years. BUT that doesn’t sell books and you can’t learn it you have to be guided through it, and so in order to create a spiritual industry, there are as many belief based options as there are candy in the store… It will probably always be that way BUT look at the results, the only real way to stay objective in the mass of information thrown at us nowadays..

Most people I work with have tried many many different things as they get caught up in the whirl of which one do i believe in..But truth is there is one type of peace, one type of happiness and one major process that you cannot avoid going through to get it.. A little like health having the unavoidable implications of diet and exercise..

In the meantime when we aren’t ready for that we will shop for the “fix it pill” and there are a gzillion out there..all feeding into belief.. To avoid that look at the results instead.

Yes you will need some tools but these are some good guidance and techniques that empower you to use your energy to become balanced and flowing. No we can’t do that on our own intuitively although many have tried, same as you can’t do math or plumbing that way, you need tools that work. My work gives you those tools but you have them for a lifetime…no belief required.

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