More or less sacred ?


To the universe there are no sacred or non sacred energies, no good or bad energies, no male or female energies, no negative or positive energies, and no higher or lower self…. and yet you will have read so much about this as part of ‘spirituality’ …however it’s a faux spirituality..

In reality there are only a set of energies that are complete in every way and with which we should be able to learn to accept and flow .. neither good nor bad, neither right nor wrong just a duality that is the fingerprint of nature. Just like birth isn’t “good” and death isn’t “bad” they just come as a pair.. because nature teaches through conflict as much as she teaches through reward…

It is solely a function of human created ego to judge, “make sacred”, genderize, polarize and otherwise completely distort this natural balance in the name of an ego based ‘spirituality’ and it is one of the most dangerous and misleading things do because it is about judgment, imbalance and polarization…In the real world there is never only love and light just like there is never only sunshine..nor should there be because in only sunshine nobody’s plants grow, We need rain and wind and snow and sunshine..we need the full set.

Pain isn’t bad and pleasure isn’t good and until we can learn to accept and flow with all equally we will suffer.

People in imbalance are much more susceptible to this ego based symbolic spirituality as a crutch and they generally work hard to polarize toward the ‘love and light’ end of the scale but all too often it is an emotional prop that is there because we can’t process the pain and disappointments we’ve been through..

Walking the spiritual path is blood sweat and tears and learning to release all that we have hung onto in order to regain acceptance and flow with the innate nature of the universe. It is non symbolic, non aspirational, non conceptual just hard work..and its why for thousands of years meditation and energy work have been the disciplines we use to commune with our energies, not for any message or to connect with anything outside of self, but to learn to flow with these energies well away from the polarized control of the ego..

Learning to welcome pain as readily as pleasure and to release both.. not to hang onto one and fear the other… So no there is nothing more or less good or bad, male or female, or more or less sacred in the REAL metaphycial world..


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