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Ego Death is the singular most powerful spiritual release and transformation ( sometimes referred to as rebirth ) – its the experience of detachment from the mental ( ego ) perceptual model of self…

This construct of ego self is simply a mental construct and is formed over time as the programming of how we react to the outer world, and how it reacts to us, forms and constantly modifies this programmed model of self, along with deep perceptions of validation and position in a hierarchical society…

The ego self forms attachments that validate and devalidate, judge and measure. The ego self is intrinsically judgmental, co dependant and disempowering…placing all validations on external stimulus…. And its only from these attachments, judgments and associations – validations and devalidation that comes the pains and trials of everyday life.

The human brain supports this ego self in tha it creates alternate “realities”, hypotheses and concepts to support and build a structure around the ego self. Justification, defensiveness, reassurance and other abstracts all keep the brain busy as it works at this….

This ego self is everything we call “I” and is the filter through which we view the world prior to rebirth or awakening….

To comprehend ego death as a mental construct is a paradox…..

For example, if i described a house with a red roof and green shutters, the brain constructs a mental 3 dimensional model ( construct ) in order to give us visual comprehension and assimilate ( imagine ) this house…..

So how can we imagine or perceive death of a construct by using a construct…. we cant. In other words there is no mental way to fully assimilate an understanding of the death of ego prior to the actual event…

So how does the process work, well soul connections are one BIG trigger. The ultimate validation comes along then just to be torn away… The “psyche” ( i don’t like that word as a description but lets just use it in this instance as a summation of a persons mental / emotional self ) gets torn and ripped and pushed into trauma.

We wonder why as the one thing that was the conclusion and the answer becomes utter destruction. And indeed destruction is the order of the day because the process of rebirth requires a death…

Extreme pain and loss and sense of loss of part of self are natural and purposeful in the process of ego death. Feeling like the very fabric of self is being torn apart is usual – but its not the real self, only the ego model and its attachments… Because that’s how we view the world we fight the pain, we fight loss of self and emotional trauma – we struggle and struggle.

However the other side of the pain is rebirth, the inner connectedness that we couldn’t have imagined before the death of the old way. If we welcome the pain – allow it to do its work we become free…

In the old way there was judgment, opinion, perspective, viewpoint, belief, likes and dislikes, attachments and dependencies…. Post rebirth there is one view, one way and one peace, the peace of a connectedness to REAL self and the universe which has always been the same universe and is the same for all. Same laws, same reason, same purpose and same mechanisms and we all see it the same….

The drugs of reassurance and validation – the dependencies and addictions of mankind are no longer needed…..the sense of peace and purpose and the ability to love all without need are profound and real…

If you’ve ever heard that the physical world isn’t real this is what was meant by that. In losing what we perceive as self, we find true self. If you feel your already losing part of self dont go looking for it – it may well be part that isn’t real self and you may be on that journey…

Let go and fall….Bring on the pain, let it do its work its there for a reason and what’s beyond it is profoundly freeing….

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  1. “The drugs of reassurance and validation – the dependencies and addictions of mankind are no longer needed…..the sense of peace and purpose and the ability to love all without need are profound and real…” I really love this remark. It is like real enlightment, being able to detach and connect at the same time. This is what true love is about: unconditional.

  2. Loved this article. I’ve been exploring this very theme, death of the ego, and it reinforces and expands upon what I’ve observed. Thank you for sharing.

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