Meditation or “Mental-tation”

Thanks for the emails on this subject..from everyone who has trouble meditating

The premise is this..There are two types of learning

1. The intellectual learning of “grasping” something or in other words creating a mental construct of it

2. Experiential Learning, for example swiming, dancing, riding a bike or indeed meditating..

It is well established that with the second type of learning its learning a DISCIPLINE not a CONCEPT and if we try to conceptualize it, we begin to limit our ability to experience it..

For example, reading lots of books on a subject, say swimming or riding a bike or meditating, will create a concept ( in PN we call them Ego Constructs ) that actually INHIBITS us being open to the experiential learning ..This is not down to the individual anywhere near as much as it’s down to how people work between the construct/experience modes…

Against someone who has done the “book learning”, the person who is open doesnt have to fight ego constructs and is generally much more open to assimilate the experience..and will usually achieve it faster

This is well established in many of the more advanced disciplines such as those used in PN, its also refelcted in zen and other works and yet that demon ego, the control freak we’re all fitted with makes us want to go get the book se we can “decide”.

In answer to the question “If i read more and more do i continue to hamper my ability to achieve the goal” the answer with regard to the energy disciplines is definitely yes.
As much work is required in the ego detachment department as the actual manipulation-of-energy department in any of these disciplines and all that further “book learning” does it push the pendulum further the other way..

Of course the demon ego tells us “I know how I work i need to really understand something before i can try it” and other constructs but these are exactly the ego constructs we have to defeat in order to teach the discipline…( which is why they’re called disciplines )

And thus we continue to challenge ourselves to learn..

Hope that answers the questions..thanks again for the emails..

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