Meditation or Meditation or Meditation

Just a quickie note on some important differences in Meditations that you may want to consider…

The transcendental type of meditation or meditations where you attempting to connect to ‘source’ or guides or other such types of meditations are quite different from specific energy meditations, the later of which are designed to manipulate our energies or energy around us..

An energy meditation for example, is to the spiritual practitioner the energy equivalent of showering, cleaning the teeth and taking vitamins – a vital daily routine….

Meditation is at its core, detachment from external stimulus like sound, visuals and mental constructs ( visualization is a mental construct ) and yet things like Chakra clearing CD’s and tapes that would be an example of an an intention to be an energy meditation use external stimulus…

Unless you are Super advanced in meditation techniques its more hypnosis and mental focus than meditation…it may feel relaxing and indeed it can have some residual effect on the energies but most times the more you listen to something or visualize something the less you’re meditating….

To learn a good simple energy meditation will probably be the best thing and can be 1/10th of the effort for 1/100th of the benefit.. There’s so much stuff out there it’s a minefield for anyone however the core principles and practises dont change. Like anything it takes commitment and practise however the benefits can be profound…

Like swimming or driving you cant learn this stuff from a book or a board – you have to learn it first hand. Yes i would say that wouldnt i but its depressing to see how much money people are spending and how much time theyre commiting to things that have little or no chance of giving them the benefits….and they arent centered aren’t relaxed and arent benefitting. After all thats the only reason we practise this stuff, to get the results…..

How will you know when you’ve achieved a great energy meditation ? You’ll feel very different and say WOW – its that profound…

There are several places and disciplines that can teach good meditation practises and yes i teach it a lot but this isnt just a sales pitch – great meditations are at the core of yoga and other traditional disciplines and its well worth even one session to get something you can use forever afterwards….


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