If It’s Meant It Will Happen – maybe ?

The hardest thing to get across to people is that physical events are not pre-ordained..

What we call ‘destiny’ does not control the physical world – because the universe is a primarily an energy being, and its those energies that influence LIVING ORGANISMS.

We sense them in ways we call emotions and intuition, and in reaction to them we then do things which creates the physical event – either directly or indirectly..

Thus… for those who haven’t yet taken their journey and are still troubled with unresolved emotional issues, this turbulence will naturally be reflected in the physical things they do and the choices they make… and vice versa..

These are not “good and bad”, they are a duality of test and reward.. Those who have learned how to evolve evolve spiritually through their emotional burden will still face challenges but these will be PROGRESSIVE CHALLENGES, challenges that, once transcended, move them to another level, but and those who haven’t will face challenges that repeat the same unresolved lessons..

Sadly the vast majority of people fail to see that learning how to deal with our inner emotional baggage is the key to our lives, our paths and our growth in every way, and as such is probably the singular most important life issue alongside looking after our physical health.

And that is why I consider the sort of work I do as the most important i ever have or ever will.. call that pretentious if you like but it’s not, its for the reasons stated here. Now of course its not popular, it doesn’t even register on the Oprah, The Secret, Quantum-Mindfulness-Psycho-Neuro-Cranial-Purple-Wave-Therapy or whatever’s new this week…. the equivalent of the “get thin and still eat loads” pill…

But it is real.. and it doesn’t get more real, and that is just so incredibly awesome that the fascination of how it changes EVERYTHING never ceases and never will…. So when I and others go on about it and you want to roll your eyes.. maybe look again

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