Manifesting – the law of distraction ??

For anyone frustrated at not being able to manifest the abundance they want – consider what sort of parent the universe would be if she gave her kids all they wanted, and what sort of kids they’d end up being if they got it…

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  1. My stepson bought a new wireless networking adapter to get better wireless Internet on his PC despite me telling him it wouldn’t work. He truly believed it would work so much he took his time and his money and went and bought one. .. Anyway it didn’t work. According to the Law Of Attraction that’s because he didn’t believe it enough ( even though he clearly did ) or that my “negative” thoughts stopped it manifesting. According to the law of electromagnetic propagation the signal level falls off at a function of the square of the distance from the transmitter and he was too far away, just like I’d established by looking at the signal level indicator… sorry Rhonda

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