Lose That Positive Thinking !

The emotional pogo is an emotional roller coaster fueled by that demon of ‘positive thinking’

We will next year to be ‘our’ year or the ‘best’ year…

Bur when we come from the high of expectation or need for the year to be anything other than it will be, then the fall can be much further, as it leaves us ill equipped for the challenges that are ESSENTIAL in making us grow outside our comfort zones… and we plop into defeat from the height of expectation we created… thus the emotional pogo…

It is only by learning to thrive on challenge ( you don’t need to like it just accept it and face it ) that we can get off the ride.

It may seem harmless all this ‘looking forward with positive vibes’ stuff BUT IT IS THE FUEL FOR THAT RIDE !!!!

Emotional peace is not and never will be about thinking.. thinking will come and go and swing to all points of the compass.. IGNORE IT

Live in the day


Welcome the challenges

Enjoy the small things

AVOID  ‘pumping sunshine’, positive thinking stuff..unless you want back on that ride..

A reward is not a challenge avoided, it is a challenge surpassed…

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