Living More Freely – Merceana

Dear Steve,

I am doing great…like really great. There isn’t an are of my life where I haven’t seen changes thanks to the disciplines.

I love more freely, I cry more freely, I let things go, i find joy in seeing how situations will develop, i feel strong, my boundaries are firm…I can finally see my boundaries!!…I’m more respectful of other people’s boundaries. I’ve just come back from the US where I found myself in an almost identical situation that I had been in last year and whereas last year I ended up in a very dramatic semi-suicidal state, my reaction this time was so different.

It was useful to have the comparison to see how far I’ve progressed. I have, of course, had days where I handed power over to the old ways, but the effects were immediate and so I was able to see that if i want to keep feeling centered, then there really is no “wiggle room” and that I must live the disciplines 100%.

Anyway, really can’t thank you enough. It has truly changed my life.


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