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Some years ago I spent a fair bit of time working with people who had lost children at an early age. It’s some of this work that really gave me a foundation and insight into how inadequate much of the current knowledge of energy work was at the time..and what led me to start again and really develop some tools based on the reality rather than the belief..

Another eye opener at the same time – shocked and also saddened me. Several of those people had accessed what they referred to as “spirituality” through mediums who fed them with stuff that either scared the daylights out of them or kept them hooked on not accepting the passing of their child. From “she passed too early and wants to be with you ” to “she is trapped between two worlds” to the more usual constant messages of the spirit wanting to regularly communicate with the parent and of course via the medium or by joining in a circle as spiritualists refer to it…

I have medium abilities so I can also can talk to spirits and often do BUT unlike the followers of the spiritualist movement – it is not my primary source of information nor do I see it as anything other than just one element of the picture which is totally seeable without needing to go asking spirits or guides, who would only read it from the same energy as I or anyone would anyway – but put their own spin on it… I often liken it to asking directions versus reading the map.. One universe one universal energy available to all equally, with or without physical body.

This isnt a pop at spiritualists, however it was truly shocking to see how these people had not just gone to one of these mediums but were turning up at many meetings and it became a regular occurance, hoping that they would get a message from the other side..Eventually and predictably this engulfed their lives and things became worse, they couldn’t find peace with it they just wanted more.. I have since seen this so much, where people say that a message from the other side gets them peace, and you see it on the TV a lot – but truly peace cant come from there, it must come from the inner knowing and that birth and death are merely the entry and exit to one element of existence..

I can honestly say that I have never personally witnessed anyone who accessing this stuff and getting a message from the “other side” was ok and happy with that and moved on with their lives.. Perhaps many have, but what I see is that they want more and more and have had trouble with their lives, always living half on the “other side” as its often refereed to in those circles.. and thats what happened to these people who had lost the children, they lived for the next message or “contact” and stopped living, often even willing death forward so they could reunite.

My work was to teach them how their energy worked and how it drove them and to guide them to allow their offspring to transcend to the next level and to be ok with that and not need to go there before their time.. In doing so i did also get some helpful information from the spirits but that information was to help them let go and accept the transition as naturally as they accepted the birth – and to let go not to hang on.

I really do emphasize this isn’t a pop at spiritualism which is a very powerful and popular movement, however I do very much question this idea that “the answers are on the other side” and I watch the same people cling to these things and go to meeting after meeting or join circles, however much info they get. And I am 100% sure that the people who they met really meant to help them BUT to me their way is not following the spiritual path of oneness, its seeking reassurance from outside of inner knowing and keeping us from the peace in the now, it makes it all about somewhere else. really its all here now and that’s how we are to work it… we just need to learn about how it works and follow some disciplines to access it. THAT is the long established path to oneness.

Fortunately I was able to help the people I mention and they found their happiness in the now… I guess the moral of the tale is that the spiritual path is a minefield and there are many things we can cling to under that banner of “spiritual” but be very careful…

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