It’s Not Attraction – It’s Energy Flow

energy waves

The currency of our universe is energy, chi.. It manifests from passion not thought..

People who did some of the great things in our world didn’t do it just from visualizing it – they did it because they had a fire inside that couldn’t be turned off – and despite failing many times they did it anyway. Not because they believed they could, that was not necessary, but that the fire pushed them to try and try and try.. And no their success didn’t come to them as some birthright or from a secret knowledge but from letting their energy flow into passion… This passion, this chi is available to us all in varying degrees but the challenge is to learn to access it.

The one organ that’s only function serves to block out awareness of chi is the brain who’s function is to serve the other awareness of physical things, an awareness we call thought. The more we use thought the less we can access chi, the more we use chi the less we need thought as so it goes. Any visualization, belief, thought, icon, symbol or ‘meaning’ assigned by the brain dulls our ability to work with the energy.

Often people with high levels of chi work differently and are seen to be “off the wall” or even degrees of ‘crazy’ for want of a better term.. In these cases that’s because the very high levels of chi are misdirected into self destructive or obsessive patterns. And Ive seen these people become powerful healers once they learn to focus it.. Now just before someone jumps in and claims that I’m saying everyone who’s off the wall is just suffering high chi and they don’t need their meds, I didn’t ok..( its happened before… sigh ) .. BUT people with high chi do without doubt struggle with some of the symptoms Ive described…

Either way, sick or well, when your chi is flowing properly you are working to your maximum and when its not you are not. Worst, and saddest of all, for those with high chi that is turned inward, it is very destructive.. but its is the power of this potential for destruction that is often an indicator of the power and potential to heal when the energy is redirected..

And when its flowing is when we are in sync with the universe… and all is as it should be.. and there was no need for positive thinking or believing that we could, it’s not about that – its about energy..

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