It’s all about love ( except it isn’t )

I write a lot about what I refer to as passive spirituality and that is the spirituality of “it’s all about love”, a spirituality of perception and idealism.

I’ve probably bored everyone silly with the statement that everything in this universe is all about balance, never just one thing. And I think what illustrates that well is looking back at many spiritual leaders and icons from the past. They had not only compassion ( love ) but also passion, determination, wisdom, power and commitment .i.e. a balance.. They didn’t do their work from ‘abundance’ but from simplicity, and they didn’t “always only see the positive” or idealize, they saw the truth in things however ugly and they fought hard to change it..often sacrificing everything..

I proffer that never was there a better time to lose this modern invention of idealized ( conceptual ) spirituality, and to learn what we each need of the missing elements to find that balance and go out and be vehicles for change…Most of my work is helping people find those elements, and to develop them all in balance and there is no better or more rewarding job than that…

It is about oneness and oneness requires all of the elements never just one

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  1. A very wise man once brought the experience of oneness. I only have gratitude for that. It prepared me properly for the right kind of relationship, a relationship of a lifetime to a man of my dreams. In reaching this level of love again, even surpassing it– was stunned to find some old memories stored from a past marraige to a connection. Thanks to PN,
    I hope to make short work of the storage. Oneness is the only way, even when paired.

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