It must be right, it has 1,324,056 search results…

Something I’ve written about before, I am inspired to write about again because its such a huge issue and arises so much in my work..

It’s mostly demonstrated when people approach me to work with me, they often tell me what work they’ve been doing and talk about things like ( just a few examples ) using visualization in meditation, or trying to clear the mind, or having trouble seeing energy, orneeding to know their spirit guides – and quite a few other things..

And often they are completely shocked when I explain that never in a million years would I teach any of those things, in fact i would advise people against them…. ( That’s usually followed by a stunned silence…)

and then I get asked “well why have I spent x years trying to do it that way, I called you because I thought I was doing it wrong and you’d teach me the same thing but show me how to do it right” ……at which point I tell them I’ll teach them to forget those things completely and start again with different techniques, and often explain why the basic premise of what they had been trying was fundamentally flawed or limited…

This assumption that “because it’s out there”, or popular or gets lots of hits on the web that it makes it THE RIGHT WAY or THE ONLY WAY is often not just wrong but 180 degrees from the truth..
and people are staggered when they learn that… because its also what all their friends are doing..

I’ve had people tell me they didn’t call me for years because they just thought I would teach them the same stuff they ‘picked up’ from books and friends and the web,. only to find I can teach them to do in a week what they hadn’t been able to do in years but by using the right techniques and approach..not the ones that they ‘pick up’

This idea that the popular can not only not be the best or ideal way, but often quite opposite, is something that would shock people yet it is so often the way… and we are really needing to get to grips with..What drives web popularity is not effectiveness or results, but what’s most appealing to common belief or trends of the time.. because effectiveness is not a driver of google hits, that’s down to quantity not quality…

I see this gap widening and widening into a gulf as people have to wade through more and more things to find something that can really help them.. by which time many have tried everything they could find and have become disillusioned….

In fact a good number of my clients approach me already disillusioned and admit that I am “one more try at this spiritual stuff” ..and there’s nothing I enjoy more than showing them how powerful and awesome it really is when you do what really works..

I wish we could find a way to get around the noise of hype to get people to realize there are techniques and methods to achieve all sorts of things that perhaps they even thought impossible, but all people like me can do is work with one person at a time and know that people will talk to others and slowly but surely it will spread, as it does, but at 100th of the pace of the “next best thing” or “surely it must work it has 345,754 google results” ..

Then again that’s how the world has to change and how this work has to work, one person at a time.. There is nothing more rewarding than showing people the power they have to achieve things that they never thought possible…

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