How you feel is your choice – FALSE

Debunking metaphysical myth : “How you feel when someone upsets you, is your choice”..

Not true.. Many people like to believe this and get very upset when they can’t do that, and it adds to the self defeat.

The same “just let it go”.. wouldn’t it be great if it was that easy too ?

The people who come up with this stuff are likely well intentioned but have little knowlegde of the energy dynamics of emotions..which are a function of the chi energies.. which is why this is a metaphysical subject..

What happens is that when an event occurs to upset us, the mental processes focus on the event while the emotions ( chi ) experience the emotions, the pain, upset, sadness, fear etc. What we are taught to do is to use the mental processes to forget the event or to “not think about it” or to “think positive” or to “let it go”… and indeed over time it slips from consiousness..

However, we haven’t dealt with the energy, the actual emotions.. so they become what’s called a residual.. A residual sits there just waiting to be triggered again. In the meantime the head says “oh yeah I’m over all that” because it has mentally reconciled the physical events, while detaching from the emotional experience.. which sits waiting like a land mine to be triggered in the future…

The one day someone does and BAM it all comes up.. And when you read “it’s your choice how to feel” it become apparent thats not true. neither is “letting it go”.

Until the residual energy is worked through and released it remains a mine in the minefield.. it doesn’t matter how much we go over what happened to cause it, that does not release it..

And just like a blocked sink, it starts with a grain of rice, then some carrot, and builds until the day we’re in crisis, keeping away from people who trigger us, or just can’t function anymore..

This happens BECAUSE we are not taught how this process works and instead taught that its a mental thing. So if you find yourself on this road, so are most other people.. at some stage or other…

Releasing residuals doesn’t happen from talking about it, clearing the mind, sitting quietly, visualizing the chakras clearing and other people cannot clear it for you.. Thats because its your processes that you used to mentally clear it from consciousness are keeping it in there. Once we can disable these processes it will come out naturally, and then using release techniques you can release it…

Storing everything that happened to us emotionally is not inevitable, its not even natural.. but because of how our society realyl doesn’t understand the processes, its how we develop. Sound strange that society would promote things that are not natural or healthy ? allow me to remind you about junk food, pharmaceuticals and pollution…

if you search the web you’ll find an amazing matrix of stuff from the feasible to the downright weird and all stations in between.. However if you learn the techniques that all becomes irrelevant because you will experience it for yourself and then you wont need the books, the emotional props, the feelgood memes, the journalling and all the stuff we use INSTEAD of the natural processes.

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