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The prison of context, convention, culture and comfort

A story of television, caterpillars, death and metaphysics

Many years before I started my Metaphysical interests as a career, I learned lessons that would become invaluable to me later – even though I didn’t realize it at the time.

Way back in the year 19 something-or-other I interviewed for a job with Thames Television based in Central London, working as an operational engineer on the news.  Thames News was the premier London local news station and Thames the largest and most powerful broadcaster in the UK’s Independent Television network..

It wasn’t my first job with a broadcaster but it was my first full time one and with a very high pay grade..  The job of an operational engineer was to roll tapes into live news shows, look after transmission and edit facilities, to establish live news outside broadcasts and to generally work with the studio to get the show on air…

Imagine my surprise however when we were transmitting material recorded by the ENG crews and there were black streaks across some of the white highlights on the picture…   And double surprise when I was told we needed to watch the video level because for some reason it could go too high on highlights and we needed to “crank it down a bit manually on the fly” while on-air

Something didn’t seem right with all this… The very expensive and well equipped news operation – how could they tolerate these very obvious problems that seriously compromised picture quality ?  Thames television employed some of the best engineers I have ever come across, way smarter than me, and yet here we were with something that seemed a glaring issue that desperately needed to be fixed…

On inquiring, I was told they’d been chasing the black streaks but with no results, and had considered purchasing some equipment to add on to the system to clip the video levels from going too high…

But being the new guy, it seemed obvious to me they didn’t need to do all this.. The signal was already going through something that converted it to digits and when the signal reached a certain level there were no more digits, so that would act as a perfect level clip…  I adjusted one of these gadgets called a time base corrector and voila, no more issues.. video levels could not go high.

The point about this story is that most of these people were smarter than me about electronics and easily understood what I did, BUT they couldn’t see the solution because they were within the system, they had become a function of the Context, Convention, Culture and Comfort.. and so were unable to be objective because they were looking at what they needed to add to the system, because that’s how problems were always solved in that culture…

The black streaking problem was a little more complex but as easily solved with a few adjustments…

In this instance it was not me being smarter or more experienced, these people were and still are some of the best in the business and I was just the newbie.. It’s that we adapt into the box and lose our ability to see out of it due to the 4 c’s. Being the new boy I wasn’t embedded like that, but also its how I tend to work anyway.

I always go all the way back to blank sheet of paper and work forward from there, questioning every assumption and checking it against reality.. Its the only way we can be objective.. If we don’t do this we will ALWAYS take on board an assumption and go down a path that is not optimal. It takes hard work, it annoys people and challenges them, it takes courage to admit we have been wrong or maybe the previous way wasn’t the best, and it takes time.. but the results speak for themselves..

It’s why I see peer review in science often can be an anti creative force..  Measuring something against “knowledge-to-date” embeds that as the foundation and doesn’t re evaluate it.. making sure it’s a part of what follows along with its flaws and assumptions that slipped through the net…

Quite a number of years later I went to run a small business that was struggling to survive against technology – and the first thing I did was not some high tech solution, it was to do some basic research. That research uncovered that they’d been overpaying overtime for 10 years.. All i needed was a calculator in order to immediately enhance profits…  Another example of going back to the blank sheet of paper… Why couldn’t they have seen it ? the 4 c’s again..

How does this link in to the Metaphysics ?

In terms of what we see in “conventional wisdom” within what we are told is metaphysics, even moreso than most other fields, it is often a pot pourri of bits of religion, culture, belief, research and tradition all mixed in…

But even more crucially..

In order to be aligned with and at one with the universal processes, we must be objective, we can’t come from a place of context, convention, culture and comfort.. because the process of spiritual growth is about transformation, and transformation, by definition, requires the death of the old in order to bring about the new… In other words the old must be shredded into nothingness.. There is no interim creature the “catterfly” between caterpillar and butterfly.

And so objectivity can’t come with a context, tradition, viewpoint, culture, or the comfort of any belief or any emotional attachment. We must be constantly ready for the walls of the castle of these things to be torn down, the box to be shredded,  and we must be constantly be questioning and reviewing everything against observable evidence and not someone else’s viewpoint..

To be this free we need to be emotionally unencumbered.. and to do that we must go through the shredder to release what we cling to.. the caterpillar must die. And this may need to happen several times on our path. This is what awakening and enlightenment is about

It’s in this way that objectivity, truth, emotional freedom and oneness link together as the 4 corners of the structure of spiritual growth.

Many people approach me asking for my viewpoint or opinion on metaphysical issues.. I explain to them that I can’t do that, but I can show them how to see for themselves outside of that box where there are no viewpoints, to view the one truth with clarity..

Because my job is not adding to the noise of the 4 c’s My job is aiding the death of the caterpillars to allow the butterflies to be born.

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