Healing Is Training Not Giving Energy

I talk to people who want to help heal others but they find that its too draining. when I ask them what sort of techniques they’re using there’s usually a common denominator.. And that is that they are trying to use their energy to heal the person…

This idea of giving of self to others being healing is not energetically right, its something that comes from ego. healing is using ones own energy to assist the person to renew the flow of THEIR energy, not letting them run on ours….. that road leads to co dependent clients and a burned out healer..

Its understandable that people do this because of these social concepts that love is “given” or healing is “given” .. well it isn’t, only in the physical world are things transferred. What happens with energy is that it is used to affect or stimulate another energy not replace it..

Most people won’t know that and even many who’ve trained in the popular techniques won’t know that, and that’s because those techniques become popular because they fit how people think it should work.. so its a self fulfilling prophecy…

An hours’ worth of training in the right disciplines is worth a decade of dedication to the wrong ones.. respect yourself enough and respect the people you want to help enough to seek out whats right. And the last place to start looking is with whats popular….instead find what works.

Love and light and power and wisdom ( never leave out the last 2, all 4 go as a set ), unless you’re one of the people I mention in the post..

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