Free Tarot Software

There’s a page of free software including a Tarot Cart Of The Day that you can save the cards and email them to friends with messages embedded.

There’s also the code for putting a Card of the Day on your facebook or myspace profile.

And there’s the Crystal Ball software like the well known Magic 8 Ball but with 50 different possible answers..

The programs are 100% free, they don’t install, you just download them to your desktop, and they don’t have pop up advertising..

They’re spin-offs of the development of the Tarot-SG reading and teaching software and all the tarot ones use the famous Tarot-of-Dreams deck we licensed for Tarot-SG so if you want to enjoy them please do..

Tarot-SG does proper readings because you shuffle and pick the cards, the pc functions as the electronic deck and book all combined into one with other functions like saving your readings and helping you learn card meanings, arcana, numerology and spreads..

However the crystal ball and card of the day are random
– just treat them like any other random software as useful to test synchronicity and as a guide but never in place of a proper reading..

All can be found here

Tarot Card of the Day

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