Forgiveness itself doesn’t heal..

One of the things I come across a lot that really hampers people’s progress is the issue of their expectations of forgiveness. They’ve forgiven someone for something that happened but they’re still not at ease with it.. and indeed that’s to be expected when you really understand the metaphysics of human emotions..

Forgiveness is accepting that something happened and choosing to not hold a grudge..that does not and can not however release the emotional wounds of what happened. So many people still have the anger and disappointment, often really struggling with self guilt because they feel it should have gone if they’ve forgiven someone.. But no it won’t…

Anger, frustration and sadness need to be released or they will stay in there… the reason most people don’t or can’t release it is because without some tools to do that, the way most people would be able to release would be to express to the person with whom these emotions were experienced.. and if you’ve just forgiven them, ranting and raving and cussing isn’t exactly an option right ?

To those of us who practice energy work ( something all humans need in the toolbox, but which is not taught in western society ) we can release these emotions without needing to release them at the person who caused them… and yes its totally natural and acceptable to have forgiven but still have the anger and sadness.. but once released all is well…

Forgiveness is the gateway but not the healing…

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