Fireworks – Rachel’s Story

[ The case studies are not here to illustrate soul connections but to demonstrate the power of personal healing and transformation using Ptsen Nuh metaphysical techniques.

In some cases, but not all, the persons need for healing was triggered by a soul connection however in these articles case studies we do not look at the relationship aspects or if they got back together – we focus on the individuals’ healing and transformation.

If you want to know about a soul connection you will not find out about it from anyone else’s story even if they seem similar because every situation so unique thats why we don’t feature the stories .. Soul connection articles on the general issues and principles can be found here but to find about about your own unique situation it needs to looked at individually which can only come from an individual consultation.]

The best way that I can describe my experience of a Soul Connection is that it was like putting a naked flame into a box of fireworks.

The overwhelming and intense love that I have for this man compelled me to keep going back to that box with my naked flame. Sometimes the fuses would light right away, sometimes we had a few months before anything ignited, but it always did ,and I was always aware that I was in a volatile place and it WOULD explode again.

The energy between us when we were together always felt like we both aware of the risks we were taking. Tense, highly charged , hyper sensitive. We just handled it in different ways. I would sit there and allow the flames to burn me and he would run away.

Old wounds, old rejections, long stored pain and fear, the fireworks of years of stored feelings explode uncontrollably as his departure lights the match one more time..

It took many cycles spanning almost 4 years to make me finally see that I didn’t need to step back into that box anymore to know what was going to happen. The last time we had contact was when a close family member of his, was terminally ill and he wanted my support. Being who I am and loving him the way that I do I couldn’t turn him away. I hoped that I might see a change, and knew I was taking a huge risk, but it was a turning point for me because the moment the fireworks began going off I jumped right of the box and closed the lid. Not because I didn’t love him but because I finally realized that we always repeated the same patterns.

I didn’t need to step into the box of fireworks again to know what was in there. I always got burned. That left me one option. To defuse my fireworks. I cant control what he does about his but if mine are defused then he can no longer ignite them.

At the time of writing this, the last contact I had was 8 months ago. I am now doing Ptsen-nuh with Steve and finally working on my own issues, my ‘fireworks’.

I have also reached a level of acceptance regarding the connection I have with him. I cant deny it, bury it, run from it ,or pretend its not there.
I love him unconditionally and with all my heart but I cant see him, be with him or interact with him until we are both healed.

I am also only responsible for healing myself. I cant make him do anything that he is not ready to do. All I can do is push him away if he doesn’t do it.

In my work I see so many clients who want to know when he will call or when he will come back. In the case of a soul connection the bottom line is that there is no point in entering a cycle again until the healing has taken place, or at least begun, so ‘when’ becomes a moot point.

I don’t want to walk through those flames again. I don’t want to hurt him or be hurt by him. One of the last conversations that we had was about the movie ‘Hancock’ and the two main characters, who are super heroes. They are immortal and have loved one another forever, but when they come together, it makes them weak. They lose their powers and become prone to injury, illness and death. The only way that they can survive is to remain apart.

It doesn’t change the connection, the love, the bond. Its just the way it has to be. Right now, thats how it is with this connection that I have. We have triggered one another’s issues. We both know what we have to do, and we both know what happens if we try to connect without doing the work on ourselves. Most importantly we both have free will and choose when we do the work.

I choose to do it now.


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