Common Questions About Me and My Work

I’ve been asked a lot of questions about my work, generally how clients do, and other questions which I decided to answer in a post.

Q. “How would you sum up your work  ?”
Demonstrating to people that the universe works in ways that are totally opposite to how most of us have been taught and how much of ‘conventional wisdom’  tells us, and showing them how to unlock the awesome power in themselves that they had no clue was there..  Power to overcome the trials and sadness’s and wounds and to grow. There is awesome power in every living thing but we are the problem and the solution.. I help them remove the problem part.

Q. “Have you ever come across anything that energy work can’t fix or can’t improve ?”
No. The only variable is how much the person is going to allow themselves to let it work for them

Q. “Do people read your articles and then come to work with you right away ?”
No. Generally speaking it seems to be anything from 1 to 3 years before they commit to anything beyond a basic consultation

Q. “Do people expect the consultation itself to give them solutions ?”
Sadly yes, people are conditioned to the idea that facts resolve everything and they don’t. A consultation will identify in great detail why the particular challenge or challenges is in their life, why they are struggling, how this links to their life lessons, what those lessons are, where they came from, and why they aren’t able to transcend them .. as well as offering a direction of what metaphysical work to learn to start to deal with it.. Like a doctor or nutritionist or fitness instructor, the diagnosis or the fitness tests doesn’t resolve the problems it identifies them and the cause and sets a plane to fix it, but the person will need some tools to do that .. This is why my work is multi disciplinary, it offers the diagnosis and the solution.. but in metaphysics the solution is never information, its tools and skills.

Q. “The work takes a lot of surrender, do people fall off ?”
About 15% just stop emailing or calling in the middle of the work and even though I’ve explained to them the mechanisms that may make them want to do that, and asked them to just call me, they just disappear.  I would say 90% reappear in 1 to 3 years and explain that they weren’t ready they felt overwhelmed
I explain to never do it when they feel ready we HAVE TO OVERWHELM that control in order to get past it..

Q. ” If you add the people who run away then come back, what is the overall success rate ?”
You have to understand that this work is like diet and exercise is to the physical body, it gives your system what it needs to function properly and so just like diet and exercise it’s success rate is 100% for those who keep up the work. This doesn’t mean no failure and relapse, everyone relapses, I do it all the time, success is defined by learning from that and improving. That’s whats so cool about the systems I use, they reinstate NATURAL processes, not man made ones.
But in answer to the question it’s up there in the 90%.. Some people lapse for a year or maybe more then come have a refresher course and get right back on..

Q.  “Some people say you’re scary and they wait a while to come talk to you, other than they like the practical approach”
When we feel under emotional pressure we often reach out for reassurance and cling to whatever we can to avoid feelings we don’t want.
This is what makes fortune tellers so popular and so much wealthier than me, they’ll feed you stuff 24/7 to reassure you that what yo fear feeling won’t need to be felt.  My work is to show you how to feel it, to take you there and through and beyond and dis-empower it… to take the extra BMW from the fortune tellers and to empower you.   That can be scary and some people confuse the process being scary with me being scary..  I explain to them that i cannot facilitate any process that aids them clinging to reassurance and delaying their process through the fear..  So when I wont reply to all the seeking reassurances that’s not cruel- that just means I’m twice as committed to their emotional well-being than they are.

Q. “Do you get angry with people who fail or disappear then appear later wanting to try again ?”
Heck No ! Remember I appreciate what processes are going on inside them way more than they do.. its my job 🙂   I just feel sad for them that it may be 2 to 3 years before we speak again and pick it up.. which is what often happens.  I have more “hey remember me I’m sorry i stopped emailing you” emails than any other type…

Q. “Do people see energy work as weird and flaky and show cynicism ?”
Of course !!! Despite it being older and better proven than anything else, we are conditioned that self belief and pharmaceuticals are how it should work

Q. “How do you deal with people who have been diagnosed with mental illness ?”
In my experience much of what is labelled ‘mental illness’ stems from emotional ( energetic ) issues. As the balance of chi controls how the brain produces chemicals to control the body, imbalance in the energy naturally causes imbalance in body chemistry. So where conventional medicine ( which doesn’t even recognize chi ) would therefore have to see the chemical imbalance as a cause, it is most often ( but not always ) a symptom. With many people. once they achieve energy balance – the symptoms that were diagnosed as some ‘mental’ issue tend to disappear. Even in someone with physiological issues, once their energy is in balance it is then healing those issues at its optimum so there is always something can be achieved. I’m not a doctor nor do I want to be so I don’t get into the physical stuff, but I do see the human system as self healing and we try to unlock that ability.

Q.  “I’ve done chakra clearing and Reiki and mindfulness and I have studied psychology, will any of that help ?”
No it will be a problem.   I will show you how the principles employed by these sort of disciplines are fundamentally flawed and form much of the problem not the solution. This is because they are all built on a “traditional knowledge” of how the human energy system works that is WRONG.. Thousands of years ago we had not polluted this awareness but since they there’s all sorts of junk in there – from spiritualism, mysticism, self help, psychology and mythology…. These modalities can be help but are all restricted in efficacy by these fundamentals. if there is a secret to my work it is that I have unearthed these fundamental principles and they are not what you find lies behind most of whats out there as established practices.
You will never have experienced anything remotely like what I will show you ..

Q  “Is this why people try many other modalities first before coming to you ?”
Yes.. If they do whatever everyone else is doing there’s a comfort factor, even if it isn’t working

Q.  “Do people need to believe on what you’re teaching them ?”
No, and they won’t and it doesn’t matter. Like diet and exercise, it doesn’t matter if you believe in it you just do it and see the difference.
I EXPECT people to be nervous and scared and unsure.. that’s healthy..

Q.  “Some people read all your articles yet you say to people that is not your work – why ?”
The written material I publish is designed to lead people to learn the tools and disciplines.. Nothing of metaphysics is just ‘knowledge’ its a set of skills not an intellectual exercise.. So ( to use my favorite analogy again ) you can read as much about physical fitness as you like but not one thing changes in your body until you do the actual work.. The words are about the work, they are not the work, they cannot resolve the problems. They are context setters..

Q. “What if people don’t share the same beliefs or philosophy as you ?”
My work does not encompass ANY beliefs or philosophy.. To use an analogy I tend to use a lot, just like with physical fitness, your muscles and tissue and organs have to work in a certain way, and everyone’s work the same way… you energy system does the same.. This is beyond any philosophy or belief its the basic mechanics of your energy and that is not subject to interpretation. its why my work is called Object Metaphysics..  If you do it your energy system returns to a better state and all the benefits follow and that is totally irrespective any philosophy, religion, cult, belief or viewpoint.

Q. “What makes you happy about the work ?”
Seeing people utterly blown away by what they’ve achieved.. stuff they had no clue they could. This includes all the physical benefits of better energy flow including ailments, often lifelong ailments that disappear when your system is working optimally.

Q. “What makes you unhappy about the work ?”
Having spend so many years of pure research to develop the skills and tools and systems to teach and empower people – to see it work, to see the successes, and to see that people will only do it as an absolute last resort when all else has failed and its all a mess..  That is INSANE making..  My phone should not stop ringing but the truth is just like the physical trainer, we are the ones waiting until all the fad diets haven’t worked and people finally come along and say ok I’m ready.. So much suffering for no reason when the solutions are here and they work…

Q. “How do clients friends react when they tell them about working with you ?”
The MOST common thing I hear is this “My friends love the change in me, they say I look and feel so different but when I tell them what I did they laugh at me and ask me who the new guy is ?” Some people get super upset and lose friends over it because they just wont believe that energy work did this…  Its that insane making phenomenon again..  Some people’s family and friends get in touch with me to see if have put a spell on them or something or indoctrinated them into some spooky mystical cult – yes that really happens, and it happens because the changes are so noticeable to people.

Q. “What would you say to someone who follows your material and has considered calling but not done it yet ?”
Fear is irrational and probably tells you all sorts of things that could happen – but the truth is my work is one of the few fields where my aim and goals are  your happiness.. so its sorta ironic that people fear calling. But I fully appreciate the mechanisms at play, much more than any client and so nobody has anything that I can’t explain to them how and why it works and how we can get past it… The answer is ALWAYS YES WE CAN MAKE YOU HAPPIER. The answer to “can you do that through reassuring me about things” is no… I will teach you never to need reassurance, that’s my job 🙂

Q. “Can people email or message you ?”
Yes I love hearing from people even just for a chat.. I can’t do the work with them outside of a consultation but I’m happy to discuss what they want and what i can do to help them.. I have committed so much of my life to this work its a passion and I LOVE helping people get empowered and healed.. so shoot me an email or IM.

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