Mass Enlightenment – We’re still waiting


We waited for mass enlightenment since the 60’s, it didn’t happen..

It’s apparent to me that the forecast time that would start in December 2012 is really coming to pass.. the time of choosing sides, because there is no middle ground anymore. Accelerating and extreme global signs that we are not living in harmony with nature, and equally significantly – very clear signs our species splitting down the middle into two groups..

Two distinct subspecies of human, one half who look inward about how life can serve them, their God being whatever they want to believe they are entitled to – however much damage, pain and death that causes to others.. . the other half, the people who spend their time cleaning up the mess, rescuing the abused, saving the lives, giving to make things better for all, their God being their connectedness to whats fair, equal and compassionate as opposed to their own ego, religion or doctrine.

What’s different now is that these are real extremes and growing, there’s hardly anyone in the middle. I feel the answer will be when the people who pick up the pieces become active in refusing to allow it all to continue – they will take more of a stand, become more powerful and not just turn cheeks waiting for people to wake up.. they will be the new world army..

We waited for mass enlightenment, it didn’t happen..

And at the root of this new movement will be looking how society turns innocent children into sociopaths or narcissists on a production line basis and insisting we own the problem and change it, not just clean up the mess later… Freedom is not a license to do what you want with no respect for the planet or other species.. We need to change this because the innocent deserve it, as they are always the one who suffer at the hands of the ignorant. They deserve us to be proactive not just reactive..
So rather than some mass thing where everyone becomes wonderful, it is reallylike the archetypal symbolism of spirituality being about a conflict between two sides but not simply that of Good and Evil but of awareness versus indoctrination. But it is about conflict.. Which side are you going to be on and are you ready to help ?

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