Energy Dynamics of Soul Connections

I rarely write anything about soul connections anymore – thats not lack of interest thats simply dedicating writing time to other subjects.

I still do a large amount of work one-to-one with people with soul connections and continue to welcome them as clients, as I always will, I’ve just published as much as i can think of on the subject, for now at least..

As far as i see the universal laws haven’t changed in that time, and the results, the flow of people going through conections, and where and how they resolve them proves the comic laws again and again and again.

There is a lot of interest in a stream of information that is of a nature of reassurance; but as anyone who’s worked with me knows, I see reassurance as an important element in the experience but also witness so much reassurance causing people to extend their pain rather than journey through it, that i just can’t be a ‘pusher’.

Once fully understood, the truth is so much cooler than any reasurance, the only difference is that it defines happiness coming from a place within, not a place without..

Just before i get slammed for being cold and uncaring again, I have to hastily add that this ISN’T anything anti-romantic, its just the first of the universal laws, which defines that happiness and completeness must come primarily from within, from our connection with the universe…before it can come from anywhere else..

Doesn’t mean we cant have the relationship stuff but it says we can’t in any way polute the true and beautiful nature of love with the human aspect of need. Love comes in one flavor and thats unconditional. We often romaticize the relationship to justify the need but ( sorry folks ) love cannot bring pain… the pain comes from the need to satiate the feelings through having a physical relationship with the object of our love…..

Unfortunately as humans we’re programmed to need, programmed to consider happiness and fulfilment as being from external sources… In soul connections all sorts of names and titles and “coming together to do our work” stuff is used to support the thesis that somehow its the relationship thats the conclusion and purpose….yet it isn’t…..
And so, through this process the number of people slowly walking the path of ever increasing pain continues as all the external satiates we so badly want stay away, eventually forcing our fingers from the rail until we let go and take that inner journey to acceptance and submission to universal will…

I am a survivor of something that saw me so so close to not being here on this earth anymore than I’m not talking purely from the study and reasearch I’ve done over the years but also first hand experience..Not bringing my experiences into the work becaue that must remain objective at all times, but i know what it feels like to go through one of these connections…
Again it doesnt mean there can’t or wont be a relationship element, however there is no succesfully concluded connection that didn’t neccessiate this bigger, destined process of transition first….

Anwyay the point of this post is to comment on how little i see about the aspects of soul connections that talk about the ENERGY or the KARMA, those awesome forces that drive us insane..and that are the very things that drive the purpose and the mechanisms of the soul connection.
Anyone who’s had a connection knows what a ripping / tearing / mind blowing experience it is..Any and all of us at one time will have only considered the other person and their freewill as the driver and decider and outcome to the whole thing..
However at some point we all come to realize there’s a heck of a lot more going on that that and the readings on “when will s/he return” just aren’t cutting it..despite Madam Whatshername at just $2.99 a minute guaranteeing he’ll come back on Wednesday..

Eventually after usually a lot of Wednesdays we really start to learn that we’re going through something much bigger, and that all these crazy energies aren’t just coming from the other person. In fact most times they’re being pulled and tugged about by the whole thing too which is why they freaked out…they’re being forced through the same process but reacting differently, usually by running away

It’s when we realize there’s a THIRD PARTNER partner in these things and that’s THE UNIVERSE and her amazing mind blowing energies she’s sent us; that we start to make progress.. YET so little seems to be around talking about this stuff. It’s a fact that more people embark on journeys to become readers, healers, metaphysicists etc from awakenings triggered by soul connections than anything else.

All of these disciplines work with energy… ( except maybe Madam Whatsehername who works with Wednesdays )… When we can understand what the lessons are in a connection, what the energies are doing, why and how to deal with them, we can not only learn some simple techniques and feel a whole lot better, but embark on our journey even if its not to be a reader or practitioner, but our spiritual journey to understand much more about the mechansisms and purpose that will take us towards greater awareness, peace, connectedness and knowledge of why we are here and what we are meant to be doing.

That journey is a journey into self, into energy.. I hear people talk about the REAL world but the real world is more energy than matter. Energies are sensations and feelings, intuition and drives, passions and loves. They are also the tools of destiny itself….
If we took an atom and made it the size of a cathedral the particles of hard matter would be the size of a few grains of sand. If we made the nucleus of an atom the size of a marble the electrons would orbit 2 MILES AWAY…So we are anything BUT predominantly physical in nature..its just that the brain is a physical organ confied to 3 dimensions and thus thinks from that place..

We are made predominantly of energy and it is us, we just are programmed to think on the physical dimension…
If you doubt energy then just go back to thinking about that soul connection and how it felt and you won’t doubt it for long..

Tools like psychic reading, spiritual counselling, learning meditation and many other things will help you and can make a huge difference and there are some really effective ways to level out the energy so you don’t have to feel all that pain all the time.

It’s SAD that so many think the only tools in the “spiritual realms” are the predictive readings of what is s/he thinking and when will they come back… and yet these are just a surface tabloid stereotype of what is a deep and profound set of ancient knowledges and disciplines… These disciplines include reading but not just the usual reading you expect from “a psychic” but deeper, into reading the karma the lessons the energies, the life path and the past life.. This along with learning many things that can be used to make life so much easier – such as energy work and or meditation on many many levels…all are tools in the metaphysicians toolbox

Theres so much can be learned, experienced, and achieved by chosing to work on that element with the 3rd entity in the connection – where the energy-you meets the energy-universe…. and yet often so little made available other than predictive reading, which is somewhat sad because people are suffering when they don’t need to..

email me if you want to know more or leave to the blog to go to my site and read about the different things that can be done even if you don’t choose to do them with me, but don’t just accept the pain.

The pain isn’t a reminder of the love, love cannot create pain only need can..The pain is the prompt not the lesson… Do the work, use the tools, lose the pain, enjoy the love….No need to keep suffering

Peace love and chocolate…

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