Over the years graduates of my energy work course have jokingly commented that they would have done the course just for the improved orgasms.. And as funny and risque as that seems, its an important subject..
A orgasm comes from a burst of chi energy rushing through the body and this has many function, not least to flush energy points along the way in order to clear any build ups or channels that are not functioning well. This is nothing to do with the chemical responses that it makes the brain produce this is about energy channels..
BUT, sadly because of how society chooses to program us, we can’t leave it at that, it has to then become about sex, which then has to become about partners, which then has to become about relationships, which then brings in attraction, validation, acceptance, which then brings in expectations of romance and on and on we go..
And so the fact that anyone can even orgasm after all that burdon has been added is already a minor miracle.
Now to add insult to injury, an important aspect in being open enough to orgasm, is that the sacral chakra opens fully .. this is that tummy chakra, the one of our center of nurturing and compassion but also sensuality….
Again the villain of the peace is society, which teaches us that this energy center being open is about being open to “intimacy”.. and so we close it off and wait for a ‘someone’ to come along so we can then we can open it..and behold its now no longer about our energy flow..
This then makes a natural state of flow that’s all about YOU, to be all about other people, intimacy, relationships, validation, acceptance, approval and BINGO we screwed up the system..
What the PN system does is to show you how to deconstruct the systems that tie all these processes together so that they can once again flow freely and be about you and not other that you can once again function how the designer meant to.. and that includes powerful orgasms as a vital method of clearing energy pathways..
Most people are worried about talking about this subject because of societal taboos but to the energy worker its just another way that energy flows..
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