Emotions: Ten Things You May Not Know



1. You can’t cry emotions out.

If you could people like me would have no clients.. Crying is physiological response to emotional energies but does not itself release them, just temporarily releases the physiological stresses caused by them.

2. Time does not heal all wounds

It just buries them deeper away from the daily mental consciousness ( but they will still affect you ) and as many people discover, often something will come along to dredge those depths to force you to finally deal with them. The universe likes to do this.

3. Emotions do not relate to situations.

Emotions come in happiness, sadness, anger, passions etc they are not energetically attached to situations, the good old brain does that. So the pain of situation (a) is not separate to the pain of situation (b), these situations are just triggering the same central repository of emotional energy at different levels. This is why in energy work we do not go over what happened we just deal with the total energy.

4. Talking about it does not release actual emotional energies.

Talking about emotions reconciles mental conflict about the situations and tends to diffuse tension cause by mental judgments such as “why did this happen” and “is it ok to feel like this” but does not release the actual emotional energy itself. if it did your friend would stop talking about her problems after she’s shared them once or twice.

5. Positive thinking and visualization is about the worst thing you can do.

These types of tools seek to try to control the emotional state from mental diversion away from the emotions and they don’t work, they are just forms of pushing the emotions deeper away from the daily consciousness and you need to use these tools all the time or the emotions will pop back up which is exactly what is supposed to happen so that you can release them, which you can if you’re taught how to. If we need to positive think all the time there’s something wrong that needs dealing with..

6. You do not intuitively know what to do to deal with your emotions.

If you didn’t have an “ego” that was conditioned by society to over-think, over analyze and over stress about everything then perhaps you could differentiate your intuition from the noise … BUT modern humans are taught that its all about knowledge and so they engage the brain, the one organ that’s only ability to control emotions is to suppress our awareness of them. And so people reach for books and concepts and trying to “understand” emotions… You don’t “understand” the color green you experience it. and you don’t “understand the note of C Major and you experience it, likewise you don’t “understand” pain…. you learn to work with it as an energy not a concept … This modern approach of trying to use a brain to deal with emotions, which are non conceptual, is a sort of societal insanity.. if it worked there would only be one self help book..

Many people get very convinced that they can achieve this, to know and understand their emotions – to conceptually transcend the issues – but you have to look at the actual results and these people often have to work incredibly hard to keep it up, there isn’t the underlying easy peace..its just peddling hard to stay up

7. It is not different for you

The “ego” ( we don’t use the classical definition of ego in energy work but let’s call it ego for the purposes of this article ) personalizes emotions into “my” pain and “my” happiness and yet pain and happiness and anger etc are all energies that all humans experience and are the same for all, people just experience them to different degrees at different times.

This ego then decides that people need to ‘understand my pain” because it has personalized it but truly it isn’t personal its universal….What made it happen is probably unique but pain itself isn’t.

8. Physical activities / tasks do not release primary emotions

Physical activity such as exercise or art or other things are what I describe as secondary releases. they help but they themselves can not release the energy, they release physiological responses to the energy .. They will make you feel better and the brain likes the diversion but it can’t release anything to cause permanent energetic change.

9. Society does not teach us about emotions

There is no training in how to deal with emotions as energies, only how to conceptually process them, label them and ultimately if we hit crisis, to dull the mental consciousness of them with drugs or diversion or obsession..

10. This is not something you learn, it is something you are trained to do.

Training isn’t difficult but can only happen when you can abandon the idea of “knowing” how to do it.. training gets around that mental stuff thats in the way and shows how to restore natural processes that got buried, twisted, distorted from over-working of the ‘mental-muscle’ ..

If we could just naturally “know” how to release all this and manage our chi without training to do so there would not have been thousands of years of development of techniques and tools all the way from Yoga to Tai Chi to the more contemporary techniques I have devised and teach.. and so the reason these systems exist is because we need something that works directly on the energy level, we need tools.  Like the physical body needs nutrition and exercise the energy system needs to be handled properly..   Sadly we don’t teach this in schools or colleges, if we did, if we even taught Tai Chi it could make a massive difference…

BUT its never too late to learn about the most powerful forces in your life and to learn more about how to work with them

And as will always happen, despite me explaining you can’t learn this stuff from books you can only be trained to do it, someone will ask me “where can I get a book on it”…because they always do …. 😉

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