Emotionally Stuck

Emotionally Stuck ?

emotionally stuck

I find a lot of people get emotionally stuck and can’t transcend their emotional problems, because first they need to believe that they can.

Barriers to emotional healing 1. Belief 2. Personalization and 3. Scheduling.

Unfortunately many have already been exposed to techniques that told them if they could just believe in themselves enough then they’d turn the corner……But it just doesn’t work that way, those techniques build expectation but then disappointment follows because they can’t do anything with the basic emotions, they just create a conceptual state in the head that avoids the emotions, but these will come back and bite you at some point.

And so when I show people the case studies demonstrating what has been achieved using the techniques I have devised, and teach, I often hear the comment “ah but those people believed in themselves”
Hell no, not one of them truly believed they could do it, but what they did was ignore that and do it anyway. Any techniques that require belief, affirmation, positive thinking or reassurance, will fail..

The next thing I get asked is “will it work for me?” my reply is “are you human?” . “But no technique works for everybody” they say… Hell yes it does I reply.. I’m pretty sure diets and exercise work for everybody in the physical domain, and these techniques work for everybody in the energy domain.

They do that because they are not issue based, they do not deal with what happened to you in any particular circumstance or situation. And we don’t need to go back over what happened, in fact often those types of technique just re-traumatize people.

What my techniques do is teach you how to achieve a natural energy balance and flow. Because God is a really smart designer, this flow will ensure that anything that’s in your energy system which needs to come out, will indeed come out. Not unlike a physical detox as the system restores itself.

What stopped these things being released before was the lack of ability to deal with, and release, those emotions. however once you have the tools and have done some of the training, these emotions release without traumatizing you. And over time the releases get easier, and the layers peel back and things change. They often change profoundly, including helping restore natural physical healing abilities as an added benefit to the emotional freedom.

And all the time your, energy system, the universe, and me, don’t care if you believe in it or not… It’s a bit like rain, the believer and the nonbeliever get equally wet.

the third thing I get asked is “how much of my time does this take” and I answer 24/7/365. These techniques are not tasks you fit in your day, they are how you live while you’re doing everything else. Anything that’s based on being fitted into your schedule will be a priority with the best of intentions, until work, family and relationships push it all back down to item 47 on the agenda….

Energy balance is to function at your optimum in order to be the best you can be for yourself and others, it can never be something that is scheduled in, it is a way of being..

And finally I hear, “I’ll do the course when I’m less busy.” and I say hell no. These techniques are how you deal with life, they enable you to return to balance when you are busy and could get stressed.. So no we don’t do the course while you’re on vacation, we do it while the pressure is on.

So the case studies you will read, are written by real people, none of whom truly believed they could achieve it, all of whom struggled, all of whom went into it unsure BUT to just let go of control and surrender to the disciplines… Whatever their issues were, what needed to come out came out, and all have learned how to maintain that process that keeps the emotional insides clean.. That doesn’t mean some haven’t relapsed, we can always do that but the vast majority get back up and achieve even more from that point. It is entirely up to you..what you put in you get out…

People sometimes ask “but won’t I stop feeling things ?” hell no I answer, you’re gonna feel everything more and more, and it’s all gonna flow, and it’s all gonna empower you, because you will no longer be afraid of any emotion, you’ll just deal with them, release them and restore balance and flow.

In fact you will begin to enjoy releasing the old junk because of how much beter you feel afterwards. So pain and sadness are no longer threatening, they are just there to be experienced and released exactly the same as joy and happiness. That’s flow – no more emotionally stuck.

Under ego control, the unnatural state that most adults will drift into, ego does not want to experience pain and sadness, and it wants to hang on to joy and pleasure… a completely unnatural state.

So the gateway to achieving all of this is surrender of control, of belief, and of everything you ever thought you knew about your emotions… to learn to do things differently, naturally…

PS. I promise you don’t need to learn the chakras, there’s no visualization, no sitting cross legged, no mantra’s, no chanting, no emptying the mind – or any of that stuff because it’s not natural 😉


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