Soul Connection – Untangling the confusion

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Untangling Connection, Situation and Person

My work covers any human experience however over the years it has included talking to thousands of people who have soul connections.. And what’s really apparent from that work is that there are stages of awareness.

In the early stages we consider the connection, the other person and the practical situation to be one and the same.. But as we go down the line, we gradually separate them out.

The “connection” itself is an energetic phenomenon, energies that connect us to karma, unlearned lessons from past lives, that connect us to awareness of the path of our soul, that connect us to our intuitive abilities to connect to the entire universe and that connect us to unlearned lessons in this life, perhaps un-dealt-with childhood trauma.. And from that awesome connectedness we can of course also feel connected to the person with whom we first shared the energetic experience.

The “situation” is something practical, non metaphysical. it may be someone has run off and won’t talk, someone can’t say how they feel for someone else etc…

The “person”, is the other person and what they’re thinking, intending, doing etc

My work is only the metaphysical, only the first part because thats what the connection is irrespective of the state of the other two elements… That simple but obvious fact drives people crazy if they aren’t ready to work on the experience of having a connection and to deal with it… i.e. they haven’t yet separated out the person, the situation and the experience.

Fortune tellers exploit this in keeping it all mixed up which perpetuates the myth that they are inextricably linked, i.e. you cant find peace if the person or situation doesn’t change.. or that if you find peace somehow that will do something to mess up the other two.. None of these are true..

And so when someone said to me the other day that I hadn’t yet told them much about the connection, I reminded them that I’d talked for an hour about the connection, and in very great detail – what the lessons were, what it linked to in their past, what residual issues it hit, where they came from, the energy dynamics etc.etc etc …what I hadn’t talked about was what the other person was thinking or any present practical situation..

Then followed by a long pause and finally some recognition..

Please remember Metaphysics is about the energy, the non physical stuff because thats what forms a soul connection , its what got you here, energies, sensations, emotions… its whats causing you the trouble and its the key to a solution… you can’t resolve that by looking into what people or doing or how situations will change.. and if you could it wouldn’t be metaphysics it would fortune telling..

Separate out the elements and save yourself a lot of heartache..

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