Emotional healing is not personal

Someone asked me why spiritual disciplines have to be disciplines as opposed to what we choose to do.. Well the answer is really simple….

In order for a diet to work it has to take control of what goes into our mouths – and it needs that control because our discretion is what got us to need the diet in the first place, so the discretion has to be overidden. The diet gives the body what it needs despite the discretion – it takes control.

Same issue with spiritual disciplines, it gives your energy the balance it needs and overules the discretion – it has to.

So many people fail to realize that a lot of the “I sense what I need, I know myself best” in the majority of us is all too often a function more of ego not intuition. Yes the intuition can ultimately tell you whats real, but in order to access it without the ego coloring it, takes a long time and lots of work… its why we often often don’t diet until we see a photo or video of ourselves, because the ego holds illusory concepts of self, and until we can train to truly work outside of that, these illusory concepts always color our perception.

So to use the physical example one more time, the objective approach would be to use a set of weighing scales, the subjective approach is to listen to the voice that says “I’m ok I don’t need to lose weight” and the reason that is so powerful is because it functions largely as a response to emotions that we don’t want to feel, such as fear…

Just as the gateway to physical health is “I need to do what my body needs irrespective of what I think” so is the path to balanced energy.. As for the ego’s other trick “its different for me” well not its not, a healthy body is a healthy body and a balanced energy is a balanced energy.. To surrender to this will challenge those fears but it will ultimately dis-empower them..

A diet that pleases the ego will most often go for the ice cream as opposed to the vegetable and spiritual techniques that please the ego will avoid going into the deep seated fears..

And as for using multiple disciplines, as many of us do… well just try multiple diets and see how that works for you.. Find one that works and doing it well is the way…

People sometimes see me as a “hard ass” because of this approach because they mistakenly attribute it to me being some sort of control freak. But eventually most people realize that its not about me, its not personal viewpoint, its the opposite…. its about being objective and realizing that personal viewpoint, mine or anyone else’s is a large part of why we got to the point to need to do the work…

So the message in all this is that in all of us our perceptions sees things through a hall of mirrors called the ego, but we are the last person to see that because we are used to seeing through it.. Healing comes when we become objective not subjective and we do whats needed as opposed to what we want or our discretion tells us to do..

The path to physical health and the path to energetic health are paved with discipline, discipline and discipline… The path off that road is paved with belief and discretion.

It really isn’t personal…

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