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emotional block
Emotional residuals or blockages – what are they  and how do they stop emotional freedom

What we call emotions are our spiritual energy flow or ‘chi’ ( Qi ) having reactions to events, and causing corresponding physiological reactions in the body – these reactions are meant to work in a way that allows the energy to release at various points and thus flow, helping our self healing and other systems work optimally.

Emotional residuals are unreleased emotions we collect over many years…the energy didn’t get released.  The residuals are not thoughts about what happened, nor are they related in any way to if we mentally reconciled events or if we forgave someone or not, they are an entirely different process, an energy process not a mental process..

One of the reasons we store emotions for them to become residuals, is that we are not taught about energy and thus we only focus on the mental processes, analyzing the event that happened, and the why, and we focus on trying to put those memories behind us..  We are led to believe this is how we “work through” things. but it leaves the energy behind – unreleased, and we have no awareness of it still being there. It lurks waiting to be triggered again sometimes decades later.

But don’t we cry it out ? No.. the same way as cognitive or mental processes such as talking about or going over events doesn’t release the emotions, neither do physiological ones such as crying.. they release the physiological stresses and strains caused by the residual emotion that’s still being there, and we feel better afterwards because we released the symptoms.. but not the energy.

Can we release it with exercise ? No. Again we can release the physiological tension it causes but once an emotion has become trapped it can only be released using the same method that created the actual emotion in the first place, and that is as a chi energy. You would need to be exercising forever.

Methods such as EFT and other techniques can have success short to medium term but are more dealing with the symptoms than the cause therefore no release of the buried residual.  Unless we learn, and deal with, the process that hold in the energy, and allow it to release properly in the way it was meant to, then long term success cannot be had.

Is energy work optional?  No. There is no other way to release it. In other words an energy must be dealt with as an energy and the process that blocked it untangled and reversed. So the fact that energy work is not taught in all schools is pretty much crazy… Every person needs it.

What happens if we don’t ? Energy blocks or ‘residuals’ become triggers that make us avoid people and situations which bring them to the surface. Our world become smaller and we become more afraid. Physical healing processes that work from the flow of chi, now cease working so well. In addition general feeling of power diminishes over the years, along with our sense of well being,  and libido suffers.  Depression and general lethargy are common, all the way through to more extremes of dysfunction including total breakdown. That process of breakdown is the chi wanting to burst through the ego control that holds the emotions in, and so the system crashes to try and release it.

But aren’t we meant to gradually build up emotional wounds through life ? No. While it seems “normal’ for people to accrue a bunch of emotional triggers and residuals as we go through life it is not natural… other species do not do it.

Why don’t animals and other species need energy work  ? They don’t avoid nor suppress emotions and they don’t develop cognitive processes to analyze situations instead of deal with the energy. They didn’t invent the great human demon of ego thereby they stay in flow and generally release, thus not suffering residuals.

Why don’t we all know about this ? why isn’t it all over the Internet ?

Because physical medicine does not subscribe to the existence of chi, so we are taught to deal with emotions as physiological or mental..Anything outside of that is labelled ‘alternative’ and sadly lumps together the metaphysically sound principles with the mystically weird ones into a category of ‘weird stuff’ and thus people  have no idea how to sort the wheat from the chaff.

What’s the solution ? In order to be physically healthy we need tools for diet and exercise, in order to be emotionally healthy we need tools for energy work. School, magazines, sports etc will have taught you methods of exercise and the basics of nutrition for physical health .. With regard to energy it is highly unlikely you will have any tools at all.

Why do I need to learn tools, won’t my intuition show me what to do, isn’t that natural  ? The energy blocks are not natural and the ego processes that caused them are not natural therefore you will not know instinctively how to release them. You must be shown the processes at work and be trained to dis-empower them and then to deal with what comes out. This process is not needed in nature because if we were living naturally we would never have suppressed them.

Same as the question for physical health is “which diet and what exercise ” for emotional health it’s “which disciplines ?” However, and an important however. the energy is so responsible for our physical healing processes, it also plays a huge part in physical health too.

There are lots of techniques out there, most great at general stress, some better at deeper emotions and only a few at getting past the suppression processes to get to the deeper held residuals. Over the years I have developed my own techniques specifically designed to untangle the suppression and let the energies release naturally and the person does it for themselves. This is infinitely more empowering than visiting someone to do it for you and much more natural.

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