Distortion Campaigns – Physiology and MetaPhysiology


Irony of all ironies is that someone threatened a distortion campaign about my posts on distortion campaigns and my work with the victims of them and even a few people who had perpetrated them…( this person was not a client of mine but they had been told of some results achieved by clients )

Their premise was that because they are often referred to as “BPD Distortion Campaigns” that I was implying my work can heal BPD – even though that article made it clear that my work is Metaphysical and deals with people’s energy and emotions, I don’t have anything to do with physiological illness i.e body or brain or “mind” …

BPD is a physiological / psychological diagnosis – but the point is that there are states of spiritual energetic imbalance that are non physiological in nature but that can cause a person to go so far out of balance that they will exhibit exactly the same traits and behaviors as someone with “BPD” and to commit distortion campaigns. And indeed the imbalance will create a corresponding imbalance in body chemistry for a period of time until the energy balance is restored..

Take for example the practice of Kundalini – something that’s based on a principle called “upward energy”, bringing what Kundalini people refer to as “kundalini energy” upward through the energy pathways in a burst.. Although energy can burst like this naturally ( but we don’t refer to it as Kundalini ) it is extremely dangerous to practice doing it to the level and extent that Kundalini practices recommend, and is documented to have caused many cases of psychosis and breakdown… ( just web search for Kundalini and psychosis there is a lot of information )

Although this example is where people do it deliberately, there are many more situations that are not deliberate but where the energetic imbalance can cause extreme reactions in people with no underlying physiological symptoms or predisposition.

And so my articles was explaining that some cases are no doubt purely physiological i.e. medical / psychological or “mental illness” as its called, some aren’t. Therefore to call them all BPD distortion campaigns would not be appropriate.

The energetic ones can be remedied using metaphysics and the physiological ones using drugs and conventional medicine and some will require both. Energy work cant cure BPD and physiological medicine cant remedy energy imbalance.

We have to look at people as complete systems, not just a bag of meat and chemicals with a brain.. Always go get medical help first.. always.. And then choose what you want to do about energetic balance. Ive always taken that approach and nothing has changed.



– which I am not going to refer to as BPD Distortion campaigns as that would be technically inaccurate and, as I have learned be used to try to prove I’m saying something I’m not…

So if you’re a concerned relative, the energy work I teach is 100% natural, is not telling anyone what to believe, is not being represented as an alternative to anything and it gives the client the power and the control to use it…They are being trained how to use it to help themselves…

It’s not “weird”, it’s not a cult, they are not believing in anything but their power to aid their own spiritual healing BUT I am not their Mommy, I can’t make them do it nor can I make them see a doctor. I will always ask them to in every case to have got checked out medically, my agreements have many clauses about having medical, psychological and family support and an agreement that they undertake to use the techniques responsibly.. I also say in my agreements that i will cancel any sessions if I witness erratic behavior or have any concerns or if they work outside of the techniques or boundaries … I will support you as a relative if you have concerns but don’t start making it my problem if they wont do what you want, I have to respect the wishes of clients within that framework..


Personal Experience

I have suffered a distortion campaign and been enlightened to the utterly devastating effects of them.. And if you haven’t had one i mean DEVASTATING !. They aren’t devastating to me now because I know how to deal with them and use the techniques I’m talking about to stay balanced while I deal with them..

But lets be clear most distortion campaigns are cruel in the extreme and seek to inflict the maximum damage to the victim..

You will be shocked to the core how someone can say and do such things and be assured they will be not be close to the truth, not distorted truth, not mostly untruthful, they will be the exact opposite of the truth….

If you knew someone for a long time and helped them out by giving their dog a treat now and again and perhaps lent the person a few bucks to get bye – then be assured that a story of how you used the treats and money to deliberately suck them into your evil plan to horribly exploit them will be cooked up and liberally distributed…

The alleged reason for the distortion campaign will be that to most people you seem a nice person but this “victim” of yours, through their deep intellect and insight has managed to get to see you as you really are and feels obligated to show the world what a monster you are.. They aren’t doing it for themselves they are doing it to help others avoid the same treatment !!


Don’t be surprised if people close to you have been befriended by your abuser, and it is an attempt to appear as a victim and harmless and “I know he’s a friend of yours and I didn’t want to say anything but perhaps you should know…”

Dealing with it

There is a lot of advise about dealing with campaigns and I’m not suggesting there is a best one.. but my suggestions are..

1. Drag the truth out into the open, do it all in plain sight – the perpetrators work behind people’s backs.

2. Give facts never opinions, your abuser is manipulating perception not using facts.. Just state your case calmly giving facts and don’t get into argument or substantiate the claims, dismiss the claims.. Do it as publically as you can then their “behind closed doors” tactics won’t work as well.

3. Some people will believe the things said about you.. Its going to happen, its human nature so accept it and don’t try to change their minds just present the facts. people’s objectivity is not your responsibility, don’t let it be.. some people don’t want to work on facts and so leave them behind as they are not healthy for themselves or you…

4. Don’t respond to further accusations, don’t feed the drama. There will be no limit to the accusations, its likely the person will try anything to illicit a response..

5. Get some support from family / friends if they haven’t been sucked in

And when you are ready…this is where the metaphysical stuff comes in.. The emotional trauma can be helped by learning some energy work and meditation but clear for anything physical with your doctor first.

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