Distortion Campaigns – what to watch for

Distortion Campaigns can be seen in the break up of marriages, often in the professional arena, and certainly in politics.  What’s so worrying is that they are becoming increasingly common via the medium of social media and their effects can be very widespread indeed.

In order to appreciate the power of distortion campaigns, it is necessary to appreciate some things that the perpetrators of these crimes understand very well.

1. That generally speaking people have no idea that we function in a mode that is far from objective and is quite easy to influence

2. That if you expose people to enough propaganda that something is true, eventually people will believe they have come to a conclusion that its true all on their own, not appreciating whats been happening subconsciously.

3. Tie the accusations into something that will cause an emotional reaction in people in order to hasten the process of indoctrination as in (2). For example, that someone is a liar, cheater, manipulator – whatever..

4. You manipulate memory, for example “but you remember they were found guilty of taking drugs in the past ? “.. and even if this past event was simply an accusation and proved false, it becomes linked in to the lie as reinforcement and is re-remembered as yes the person was found guilty.

5. Falsely represent the ‘weight of evidence’ argument.(i) “I know 4 of your friends who believe this is true” – which of course is no evidence at all but further deepens the influence on your target who will treat it as if i is evidence.

6. Falsely represent the ‘weight of evidence’ argument.(ii) . Push anything that supports your cause, however false it may have been proven to be or however biased the person who wrote it and site the one thing as “proof”.

7. Assume the intransigent position. Keep on asserting the people who believe you and your one or two pieces of “proof” and refuse to listen to or discuss anything else however much evidence they have..,always act as if a simple accusation or your one or two pieces of evidence shoot down anything and everything – even if they have 100 times more…And always steer the discussion back to your accusation as if it has not been disproved.

8. Play the savior.. “I’m just doing this because I don’t want other people to succumb to this great wrong”. This positions you as the “good guy” just saving other people or the public or exposing some dreadful wrong.. and your intransigence (7) is not a reluctance to admit defeat but proof of you loyalty as a warrior for good..

9. Context Switching – Assign a sinister motive to everything they do, even harmless everyday things like meeting friends or their investments, club memberships etc

10. When its hard to fight off all the hard evidence against you – go for conspiracy.. Invent motives, discredit people’s objectivity, find links, however tenuous to try to prove cause to twist the facts to seem to support your aims.

Conclusion : Even if your argument is an outright lie, many many people will succumb to these tactics, so much that if you put them on a lie detector they would prove to not be lying when asked if they came to this conclusion independently from looking at the facts.

The reason the would pass the lie detector is is because you have created the perfect environment to manipulate them into completely believing they experienced this all as fact- and you can do that due to the one huge flaw we have which we don’t realize… and that flaw is… is we perceive ourselves as mostly objective and we are wrong..

Societal structures force us out of objectivity – and in order to come back to it we have to be trained in these mechanisms and be made aware of them and how they work .. You could ask what has this got to do with my field of objective metaphysics, well two things, firstly the objective part and secondly that if we can’t see things as they are we cannot learn to live in harmony with the planet…and so its everything to do with it..

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