Distortion Campaigns and Social Media

Social Media and Distortion Campaigns – a marriage made in heaven

distortion campaign and social media steve gunn

Distortion campaigns are concerted campaigns executed over a period of time, which are designed to discredit, dis empower and alienate people, often leading to loss of job, home, friends and often accompanied with emotional breakdown.

What we are talking about here is not just an ongoing disagreement between friends but something executed in a cold and very calculated way over a period of time, often years, and with the intent to entirely discredit or even destroy the victim. They are sometimes referred to as “BPD distortion campaigns” due to the correlation with how often people with extreme emotional issues carry out these acts.

You will find that the targets chosen are usually;

1. At the height of their power or success
2. Are well liked and supported
3. Have an impressive track record
4. Have previously been praised by the perpetrator

The perpetrators are usually;

1. Desiring what the victim has, or has achieved
2. Perceived that the victim has judged or demeaned them ( mostly a false perception )
3. Has deep emotional issues including insecurity and feelings of powerlessness

The campaigns most usually;

1. Project onto the victim that their greatest personal attributes or achievements are false
2. That their motives are sinister
3. That they have deceived their fans, followers and supporters
4. Projects what the perpetrator is doing, and their motives, onto the victim

For example, someone who cheats in a relationship would project that onto the partner, someone who is untrustworthy will project that onto business partners, partners and friends – and someone who is controlling will project that it’s the target who is the controller.

Aims of the campaign;

1. The perpetrator will feel less intimidated by the victim once they are “brought down”
2. The imaginary judgment the perpetrator feels they have suffered will have been ‘punished’
3. To gain control
4. To recruit the victims supporters and followers away from them
5. Feeling of personal empowerment that the perpetrator could achieve this
6. Show themselves as a victim of their target  – someone who’s fighting evil and wrongdoing,  the ‘righter of wrongs’, the people’s friend and a soldier for truth
7. Plant key issues, words and events that can be used down the line as necessary to trigger false memory in people and further discredit their target.

e.g. “Well we all remember similar issues back in November” and even if the victim had nothing to do with it, was found innocent,  even if nothing happened in November, there is an association within the perpetrators target group that clicks into the matrix of falsehoods that they’ve been fed.

Execution of the campaign;

1. Slow, careful and calculated, not through emotional outbursts
2. Befriend people in the victims circle or public arena if targeting a public person
3. Gradually, slowly and carefully over time, sow seeds of doubt in the circle
4. Build upon this viral structure over time, most often behind the scenes
5. Superimpose sinister motives onto harmless acts, tying them into the story as ‘proof’
6. Discredit credible sources of information as biased or deceptive so people won’t listen

The victim knows that;

1. If people hear something enough times from enough sources, it will tend to slip through the filters of objectivity and embed as ‘knowledge’ as opposed to fact without awareness.

2. People, by default, operate in a mode of “there’s no smoke without fire” even if they perceive that they don’t work this way.

3. People are more easily triggered by distrust because it plays upon past painful events,  unhealed wounds when they have been let down or hurt  – making it a very potent motivator

4. People generally can’t easily differentiate between genuine ‘gut feel’ and implanted triggers that play on old wounds and fears – thus they can believe its a genuine ‘gut feel’ that the person is somehow guilty.

5. Social circles will circulate the rumors very effectively, the more dramatic and sinister the more effective.. All the perpetrator needed to do was plant enough seeds in the circle or circles.

6. If this is done over time, it creates a public context of mistrust, that the victim will genuinely be unaware of because like mushrooms it grows in the dark, in the rumors and gossip..

7. Viewed through this new context of public distrust,  even the victims most innocent actions are all seen as sinister

8. The victim has already lost. if they argue that it’s all false they are covering up, and of they don’t fight it, it shows they’re guilty.. The ‘proof’ that’s offered are the innocent acts superimposed upon the guilty context and BINGO….

9. The victim may thinks “oh people will see the facts and clearly not believe them” – unaware of the power of the ‘behind the scenes’ rumors and how they’ve been carefully planned and drip-fed and nurtured,… and that’s the final nail in the coffin, so to speak.

10. If the victim realizes who’s done this, when they confront the perpetrator, people will believe “oh nobody does that sort of thing in that calculated a way”.  And the perpetrator has already positioned themselves as the victim, and so the real victims claims are now positioned as an attack on an innocent party

11. The perpetrator has won and there’s nothing the victim can do about it

12. Even if this all blows up later down the line, the perpetrator can “push one of the issue buttons” triggering the false memory..

These campaigns are often described as being close to pure evil as you can get. They are perpetrated by people with deep emotional problems, people who see themselves as victims but are in fact guilty and who will go to extreme lengths to bring down or even destroy their prey.. and to whom nobody or nothing is beyond being used by them due to the fact they perceive they have been so deeply wronged, judged or belittled.

I have worked with many people who have been through these, helping them rebuild their lives.. People who lost everything, people who were imprisoned due to completely false accusations, later proved to be false but by then they’ve lost their job, their home and all their friends.. I have also experienced two of these campaigns personally.

They are so sinister and so calculated and usually executed so coldly and strategically over such a long time that people tend to believe it can’t be true.. but it really is and they are more common than you would ever imagine.

So why is social media such a happy bedfellow for distortion campaigns ?

1. Social media is networking in social groups, as the name implies.. And social groups are the key target of the perpetrator of a social media campaign because they seek to damage perception about their victim and to recruit people to bring them down.

In days before social networking, rumors flew fast and far, but now they embarrass even the speed of light thanks to this new electronic gossip medium…

2. Its easy to feed through the drip, drip, drip of false information over time

3. Its easy to befriend the target’s friends and have little private conversations to plant seeds. “Don’t say anything but is Steve taking drugs” ? or “was Sue sleeping with her boss? I wasn’t sure but they seem very close”

4. Its easy to create false associations and seeds-of-doubt for all the public group at once.

“I note you posted about being Vegan Barry but didn’t you used to hunt ?”
“No I’ve never hunted, I love animals”
“Oh I was sure you had, maybe I’m wrong, didn’t you used to go with Chris ?”
“Chris is my friend and he hunts but I’ve never been hunting with him”
“Oh ok, I was sure I saw you both going hunting last Spring but if you say you didn’t then I guess you didn’t  🙂 ”

5. People LOVE drama and will always magnetize towards it.

6. Most people don’t check on things, they go on the “if I see it a lot it must be true”

7. People don’t understand context-switching.

Context switching is saying something that has some factual truth, but the context has been deliberately switched… for example, “Harry fired John, that shows he’s a terrible uncaring employer”.. well Harry may well have given John 3 chances, he may have discussed his concerns over months, he may have offered additional training,  he could have been the best possible employer but one who was left with no alternatives in the end..

This doesn’t mean truth is personal, or that there are several truths, it means THE singular truth must always be taken in context, otherwise it can be used to support a false hypothesis.

8. What’s the source ?

Non public figures

With non public figures, the friend has been seeded with “well you would say that wouldn’t you” and anyone who supports you “must be biased”

Public figures

Nowadays its ‘hip’ to discredit mainstream media as biased and yet, with one or two notable exceptions, mainstream media outlets have editorial policies, have to adhere to regulations, and are open to being sued for falsehoods.  so they are much more reliable than many nowadays want to give them credit for.

Here’s the reason people want you to believe all mainstream media is biased.

On social media it would take you one day to create ten websites called USA-webnews-inc or some derivation of a site designed to look like a legit news outlet.. Using wordpress you make a page that’s super corporate and has a logo with the flag..

You link all sites together and on each one you make a post that claims something that isn’t true, or that uses context switching to abuse facts.. and at the bottom on the article is links to the other 9 sites… So anyone “checking for proof” is clinking onto your sites which seem like other sites and all confirm the same thing..

Once shared on social media and BINGO…. it must be true it was on all these sites and my friends posted it.. right ? Others will share and share and soon enough it becomes ‘real’ news…

A week later you make another article, accusing the same person of doing something else that seems to be pointing towards the same level of incompetence, untrustworthiness or deception..  and you’re weaving the web… this time more people ‘buy’ it because it’s supporting what they’ve already read and slowly they will come to believe they have made a free choice from a variety of individual sources, that the person is indeed a liar, or thief or manipulator, whatever your agenda decided.

Plagiarism ? Depend on it !

Because its social media totally expect bloggers to copy it and re post as “fact” on their blogs because they don’t check sources.. their research is  a web search… and before you know it you created a false reality to which thousands, maybe millions have bought in…

For all of these reasons, social media is a Petri dish in which to culture distortion campaigns…expect to see a lot of them..

For victims of these campaigns, there are things you can do..

The emotional costs can be huge and the last thing you feel able to do is fight all this when you’re reeling from the unfairness of it.. People who supported you and who should know better than to fall for it, seem to have been sucked in.. It can be a total reality shock, almost like you shifted to an alternate universe..

First we need to get you grounded and centered and empowered and so my approach to helping people is to do just that. that’s where the Metaphysical tools come in.  You cannot fight these things unless you’re really back in the groove so that’s the first priority.

Secondly we drag everything into the light.. This stuff lives in the shadows of rumor and speculation, of knee jerk judgments and emotional reactions.. Its where facts come second to trend and consensus.

So a bold and absolutely unequivocal statement is the next step, along with making it clear that if people believe this stuff then its unacceptable and you will take issue with them…  People who were friends and supporters will believe it and distance themselves, you have to expect that, but the ones who are left ( usually way fewer than most people imagine ) are likely the ones who can see through the lies.

Finally we don’t validate the claims.. after the simple but bold statement that they aren’t true we DO NOT stand there with our racket waiting to return every ball they serve, that’s just giving the perpetrator power.. instead we walk away and leave them to do what they like, always only referring people to the statement that its all false.. NEVER fuel the fire by justifying the attacks with a response. If you do that you are jumping each time they pull the string.

Finally dealing with the ongoing emotional effects can be very hard.. again the metaphysical disciplines are extremely important in this and will help you stay balanced..

If you’ve been a victim and would like to privately discuss, then just email me at steve@stevegunn.net or instant message in total confidence

And watch out for social media, its not just the harmless fluffy thing it’s made out to be, it can have a very dark side…



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