Destiny or Freewill ? Ask me again

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I’ve written a lot about destiny and freewill, a subject that really confuses people a lot and I must have had thousands of email conversations about it over the years.

My latest audiobook released this year Metaphysicality – Spirituality Of The Energy Universe is all about some of the basic universal principles that cover destiny and other things… Its is designed to get you thinking of the universe as an energetic entity that has physical subsets… whereas our egos are trained to think of the universe as a physical entity..

Someone asked me for the short answer… well the danger with short answers is that people can mis interpret – ( thats why i recorded the book so please buy it 🙂  ) but assuming that some people will want short answers try these..

Destiny does not create physical events, she creates energy events..because her primary mode is as energy.. so don’t think of destiny as saying “you will eat cake”.. destiny will give you the energies, drive, passion and desire – you have to bake the cake..

Likewise don;t think that destiny will make the ex call you, destiny will likely help open their consciousness and awareness to a realization that they have things to put right, but they have to choose to pick up the phone..

And finally to the question “didn’t destiny make me walk into that bar at that time so I could meet the person I met and ( fall in love / get a business deal etc )… well no because destiny has several people who you could have found the same opportunities and tests from, and she’s been pointing the compass, but on that night you listened and walked into the bar”.. You didn’t 2 years ago when you decided not to go to the cinema, or maybe even when you were across the world and decided not to go to that restaurant that you’d been thinking of all day…. but eventually you listened.

The universe does not work with the “logic” we are taught to consider as logic .. once we can adjust to her ways things become much clearer. That’s why I’m very happy to have finally made that book… It’s not a masterclass in metaphysics its just some guidance and examples..but please don’t assume you will have read this stuff elsewhere, most people are very surprised how different it is because what’s “out there” on the web is usually just an extension of the same old programmed logic….. no its no Celestine, or Eckhart or the four agreements or the seven agreements.. nothing like any of that…

And for the person who will comment and say “you may say that but how do you explain when this happened to me ?” I will point them towards the book and say, I made this for you so you don’t get the short answer..and i don’t wear my fingers out typing the same answers for another decade 😉

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