For those of us with unresolved emotional triggers, we find ourselves going into the ego/subjective mode as opposed to the objective mode.. When in the ego/subjective we do something I call context wrapping..

Context Wrapping means that we approach people or situations in a context colored by any emotions that they or it may trigger within us.. For instance, someone we are jealous of, this jealousy ( unresolved emotions ) will make us approach anything that person does with a desire to criticize or to see them fail..

Likewise we could find that something someone did once scared us, and because we haven’t released that emotion, we context wrap everything with nervousness and doubt, robbing us of the objectivity to see the truth of anything they may do..

And so when in these situations where we take our context with us, we can’t be objective and the other person can’t win because whatever they do or say we cannot perceive it objectively…   Sadly the way we often deal with this is not to deal with the residual emotions, instead we then develop yet another context wrapper that we call …. TRUST..
We assign trust or non trust to people and situations, another context wrapper that steals the ability to objectively evaluate what they do..

The point of this all, the real core of it, is that context wrappers come from unresolved residual emotions.. emotions that get triggered and flip us into the ego/subjective state where we start taking our own context to the party and then wonder why everyone sees something other than we do…and we wonder what’s wrong with them..

I hate to sound boring and bang on the same drum again but again we see its back to the metaphysics ( the non physical ) , back to the energies, the emotions.. at the root of it all. So when people say to me “why do we need energy work” I ask how on earth can we survive without it..its so core to human existence.

These emotional residual energies can be released.. let go.. and thats what energy work is about.. and just like we work our muscles and eat a clean diet, there is a need to deal with all the unresolved junk we carry…  Yet we live in a society that traded that for satiation.. junk food, drugs, validation, reassurance, medication… because they make more money and can be licensed…

Once you accept that things like context wrapping are things ANY human will do when in the ego/subjective mode, then you escape a lot of the nasty labels that people like to throw around from the psychiatrists handbook – and then you realize you can be taught to transcend these emotions and be free of it all.. because its a way that any of us can be but its not permanent, unless you don’t choose to do anything about it…

And finally, if you have someone who’s context wrapping and just refusing to see something in the context you intend it or are doing it, then be aware that its unlikely you will be able to make them see until they have dealt with that residual emotion or it has at least calmed enough for them to flop back into objectivity for a while.  This is because the brain, the body’s chemistry factory is controlled by the spiritual energy or chi, so that when emotions are present, our mental perception can be way off balance due to all this wobbly chemistry and thus we are unable to see the error of our ways..


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