Context, Context Bloody Context

I could write about context for ever as its a HUGE issue.. For instance if you look at the Amazon book reviews for my now out of print book, you’ll see two damning and abusive reviews amongst other 5 star reviews and each take the position that they loved the book but when they spoke to me i was the most heartless nasty rude and abusive person.. That’s a somewhat bizarre and stark duality isn’t it …

Well of course I wasn’t heartless rude or anything else, far from it, I was the same as I was to the other people. What each of these two people had done, and what sadly some others do, is to read what I write and translate it into their context not the context in which its written and then it means something entirely different. Each of these ladies had bought the book and read the bits that they thought validated their interpretations of their experiences and then hung onto that because “Steve Gunn’s book validated it”.

Cut to 2 or 3 years down the line they call me and i explain that what I wrote did not mean what they had interpreted it to mean and WHAM I’m an abusive ass and they are sure as hell gonna tell the world.. Their context had distorted my work to validate something and when they realized they had done it the last thing they are gonna do is to question their own context because it is deeply embedded as their world model so how can it be wrong ?????

I hold no ill will towards them even though they actively tried to recruit others against me but am I pig sick of being abused because of others lack of objectivity, sure am… but its really essential to see that we all carry this ego world model around with us and NOBODY can see things clearly until we escape it hence all this attempt at “grasping” things, “understanding” things, “getting” things are simply attempts to push things to fit into the pre existing model…

I have used examples that I see from time to time in my life simply because its convenient and easy to see at work but just watch “Real Housewives of… ” or almost any human interaction and you’ll see it at work, where someone is convinced something is real and yet it isn’t..

Once we are taught how to stop that need to process things within our existing model and use observation and objectivity we all see the same thing.. It is the ego death process I talk so much about and its a journey nobody can escape, because society embeds these models, people like me and my work just go throwing objectivity at these models until they fall apart… The models are “the matrix” for want of a better term which most of us think we are outside of, until we really are outside of it, then we realize we were deep inside…thus its a paradox… This paradox especially distorts our perception so that a lot of what we think is ‘higher self’ or intuition can shockingly often be just part of the same model – because when we cant be objective we cant see that it isn’t and thus paradox upon paradox upon paradox.. We can’t “read about it” because words are concepts and thus subject to the distortion and so that leaves the one route, training.. hence the spiritual path had always been taught disciplines, training not teaching…

When people email and say my writing has helped them i cringe because my writing is simply communicating concepts about the work so really there is NO WAY it can really help someone, they can only think it has because they’ve used some of it to validate a concept within their model…and that is very unlikely to be objective.. Its why I really don’t like that terrible word resonate.. which often hides so much subjectivity and judgment under the illusion its intuition so we believe its objective and listen to it..

I hope that my written work knocks a few chinks in the armor of the models, just enough to get people to decide to try the real work and that’s why i do it…We are ALL EQUAL in needing to go through this part of the journey but few of us realize that we need to go through it..

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