No you don’t need to clear your mind

You don't need to clear your mind

“I can’t meditate because I can’t clear my mind”…I have probably heard that from everyone I’ve ever worked with and yet proper meditation is nothing to do with clearing a mind, that’s self hypnosis – yet in popular culture most people believe you have to control this uncontrollable beast.. the mind

Likewise I’m  sometimes surprised when people comment about not wanting to use energy work because they don’t want to not feel emotions anymore and just go around in one calm state… when in fact you learn to feel emotions MUCh more but to flow with them and they become the life force not the wolf at the door…I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised because its these falsehoods that are the stereotypes that are woven into society and become the ‘default understanding..

But back to the original point.. I explain that energy work allows you to experience the WILDEST range of emotions, way outside of what most people can handle, but you flow with it and return to center because there’s no need to suppress or block it anymore.. That’s what life is supposed to be like, the ebb and flow of energy – feeling the immensity and power and flow surfing the waves, enjoying the ride.. And as that energy flows it heals the physical body.. its all part of the very same mechanism…

I suppose we will never escape these dreadful stereotypes and common myths and there will never be a time when I don’t hear “wow I never realized it worked like that” and that’s because people plagiarize the stereotypes and other people’s work – relating to the status quo…fitting in with the common belief constructs and language…

Often people say to me “I WISH I had realized this stuff earlier” and I explain that I’ve been putting it out there for many years and although they had likely read a lot of it, it didn’t register.. and it didn’t register because the ego’s “oh yeah” filter was in place, immediately presuming i was talking about the status quo and skip-reading or coming from another ego function of “well thats just his opinion”….. So no they couldn’t have accessed it then because the ego wouldn’t let them read what i write without superimposing its own filters and context..such as belief, trust interpretation etc.

Therefore its probably no accident that its when people come in crisis that they are then able to start hearing outside of these filters and constructs.. Its also no no accident that concepts like “to mediate you need to clear the mind” is so popular exactly BECAUSE it fits the ego constructs perfectly and seems “logical” even though it has no logic and is completely incorrect.

The “ego death” process I wrote so much about is when that ego is no longer the filter or interpreter that we don’t even realize is in charge, and we can discard all that we have been taught and start again..Prior to that the ego spends most of its time with a little hammer trying to smash weird shaped pegs into one of the 4 shaped holes it has defined as the only reality….

Love and light and power and passion and tenacity and compassion and joy …..and chocolate. 🙂

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