Chakras – one size does not fit all :

In the same way that the western approach to physical medicine likes to localize things to an organ, ( i.e. this organ does that and that organ does this ) the western approach to the chakras tends todo the same.. i.e. this chakra controls that and that chakra controls this.

Whilst that’s ok in very simple and general terms, it is nowhere near enough to be able to do any sort of work with the system..just like the “introduction to human organs” book would not be enough to grab the scalpel and start operating…

Some chakras store energy other’s don’t, some process energy in one way, others in another, some work primarily on one sort of chi, some on another and some on both. As a system it is just that, a system, that has many and complex interactions and can only be treated in that way if we truly want results…

In addition, what is most often not realized or understood, is that the person often creates their own blockages to energy flow and these are attached to subconscious mental processes.. they can be for want of a better term ‘ a defense mechanism’ block old emotions.

And so to blindly go trying to “flush” blockages, as some systems do, can be (a.) ineffective, because there are processes in the person that will stop that happening, and (b.) if for some reason you do manage to shift it, downright dangerous because it can cause major distress in the person.

I have assisted a number of people over the years who have had a well meaning person use Reiki or some other simple system on them and have managed to open something that the persons’ subconscious had buried, and they go into distress or even become psychotic as they feel the emotion again but they haven’t been part in allowing that to happen so they freak out..

And so we really must treat the general info on the 7 chakra’s as just that, general and simple… likewise the simple “chakra clearing” meditations as well intentioned but often very inadequate and not producing any long term results. We must respect the most powerful forces on the planet and realize we can.t do much without training.. It is training not learning…And we must accept that there are many many levels of this..

Reiki for instance is a simple and widely available method but it is quite limited in what it can achieve.. There are others much more powerful and whats VITALLY important is that these methods have built in the understanding of the energy system AND how it interacts with other systems, as per the example above.

You really don’t need to understand the internal combustion engine to learn to drive a car, and you don’t need to understand Ionized depletion regions in silicon planar technology to watch TV, and neither do you need to learn all the complexities of the energy system to learn to work with it BUT you do need to learn techniques that really do understand these things and encompass that knowledge in the techniques.

For example I have all my own systems and everything I teach, the person works on their own energy, I just teach them how to.. In this way they are aligned with it energetically and mentally and will flow naturally as opposed to the sort of ‘shock treatment’ mentioned earlier.. They also take this training forward and have it forever, thus no dependance on a healer or therapist – which is what helps give them their energetic freedom.

I do not publish how my methods work I simply teach them. Others do it differently but I suggest let the results speak as opposed to anyone’s interpretation.

Be very very careful what you choose to use.. – I’ve said it so many times but I will say it again it is about technique, technique and technique..

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