Case Study: Jane’s Story

[ The case studies are not here to illustrate soul connections but to demonstrate the power of personal healing and transformation using Ptsen Nuh metaphysical techniques.

In some cases, but not all, the persons need for healing was triggered by a soul connection however in these articles case studies we do not look at the relationship aspects or if they got back together – we focus on the individuals’ healing and transformation.

If you want to know about a soul connection you will not find out about it from anyone else’s story even if they seem similar because every situation so unique thats why we don’t feature the stories .. Soul connection articles on the general issues and principles can be found here but to find about about your own unique situation it needs to looked at individually which can only come from an individual consultation.]

In another of a short series of case studies Jane shares her story. Thank you Jane for taking the time to share your experiences.

Jane’s story in her own words..

I am writing this in the hopes that those reading it will find some comfort, peace of mind and inspiration from a person who’s already been down the road of a soul connection and came out a better person because of it.

My story begins nearly three years ago when I met a man who I will call Shaun. I remember the night perfectly, down to every word that was said to those piercing eyes that seemed to look straight through me. For those hours, time froze. Even though the place was full of people, I only “saw” Shaun. The conversation flowed so easily, we finished each other’s sentences, as if we’d known each other for years. Little did I know that after that one night, my life would change forever.

The “pull” towards him was intense, but unfortunately, I was with another man. I saw Shaun a few more times under the same circumstances. I couldn’t understand how a guy that I’d just met could be on my mind all the time. After all, my boyfriend and I used to be so happy, but it wasn’t enough anymore. A few months after that first meeting, I broke up with my boyfriend in the hopes that a new relationship could then start with Shaun, who kept showing up in my dreams.

A few months later we ran into each other again. Shaun asked me to go on a date and I could barely contain myself. The next few weeks were a whirlwind of happiness. I felt like a teenager, walking on clouds again. “This was it”, I thought, “the man of my dreams”. I had finally got it right and found “The One”. Everything seemed so perfect, so magical.

Then it happened. Only a few short weeks into the start of something that seemed to come out of a fairy tale, Shaun didn’t know what he wanted and I was devastated. This came after he was bound and determined to stand by me no matter what it took. To me, it seemed out of the blue. He vanished into thin air faster than a person could imagine. I analyzed everything trying to figure out what I had done to push him away. Moments and conversations replayed over and over in my head. Morning, noon, night, he was there in my head and my heart. I cried for days, weeks, months. There were times I was so angry with him, then I was angry at myself for caring so much for someone I didn’t really know that well. There was a fight between my head and my heart, with my head telling me one thing and my heart feeling something completely different.

About three months later, there Shaun was again, confessing how sorry he was for leaving and that he wanted a relationship with me. I thought to myself, “OK, he got scared, that’s alright. I was scared too, but he’s here now.” I was so thrilled he was there in front of me again and wanted another chance. Well, it didn’t last long at all and he was gone again, running for the hills faster than I could blink my eyes.

I didn’t understand. I had no idea what was going on. I was so frustrated, so angry, so confused, but I still felt this undeniable love and forgiveness towards him. I was a mess. I’m pretty sure I hit depression somewhere in there. I could no longer do my job to the best of my ability. I wasn’t there for my family and friends anymore, not that they really wanted to spend much time with me at that point. They were tired of hearing about this guy and my analyzing of the whole situation, telling me to move on, he’s not worth it. All I wanted to do was sleep because in my dreams he was there, when my eyes were open, he wasn’t. I was lost, stuck and hurting terribly. I remember doing anything and everything to try to forget him, to bury the memories, the pain, the need. As soon as I thought I was starting to get on with my life again, just barely getting my feet back on the ground, there he was. The cycle continued over and over.

I kept telling myself I was done with Shaun. I couldn’t do it any more, it hurt so much when he left. And every time he showed up, I caved. I didn’t understand how I could let this keep happening. I’ve always been able to get over a relationship, especially one that hadn’t even gotten off the ground! I was always able to move on after a few short weeks, but not with this one.

One day I somehow found myself walking into an energy healer’s shop, almost like I was led there. I had never heard of energy healers before and thought how can this “healer” help me? I was unsure and nervous, but knew I had to do SOMETHING. The healer did help, for a short while, but I was still searching for answers. What was going on with me? I thought I was literally going crazy.

I spent hours on the internet trying to find out what was happening. How could I have fallen head over heels for someone that acted like he cared and then ran again? I was so confused. My intuition is something that I always followed, it was always dead on. Every ounce of my body said this was right. Why didn’t he feel the same? Why did he keep showing up and then leaving again and more importantly, how could my intuition have been so wrong?

A little over a year ago his best friend was killed in a tragic accident. I was upset, as the man who lost his life was a friend of mine as well, but I kept thinking I shouldn’t have been as upset as I was. The pain was unbearable. That’s when it was time for Shaun to come back into my life again – just like clockwork. I tried to be strong and be there for him thinking, “If I’m there for him now, it’s going to work.” When Shaun was with me, I was like an oak tree, when he wasn’t, my heart felt like it was breaking in two. That’s when I realized, I wasn’t only feeling my emotions, I was feeling his as well. I had never given it much thought before, but it explained the thoughts and feelings that were coming and going that didn’t resonate with me.

Somehow, after all the searching for answers, I found Steve Gunn’s book “When Two Souls Connect.” I knew immediately I had to purchase it. After reading it in one sitting I knew I had to get a reading with Steve to help understand MY situation. I never put much stock into psychic readings before, but thought I would give it a try. After all, nothing else was working, no one understood. Steve’s accuracy of the entire situation was amazing. I wasn’t going crazy! Someone finally had the answers! I now knew what was going on!

The validation didn’t last long though. I still kept replaying everything and was still hurting. I kept thinking if Shaun would just stay everything would be fine. I hung on to the words, “After two or three more times, he’ll be ready and you can have the relationship.” I had it figured out. I was going to see him at this event and then that one and by that time, we’ll have hammered this out and he’ll be ready. I set up my own timeline. But, as it turns out the Universe never works on your schedule, it works on its own time table. We still have yet to sit down and figure things out those few more times to have the opportunity at a relationship.

Finally, I was ready to move to the next level. I was ready to be rid of the hurt, the hoping, the questions and it didn’t matter how I was going to get there. I contacted Steve and we set up sessions for his PN energy work.

That was the turning point for me. It wasn’t easy; in fact it was hard work. The practices he showed me are something I still do daily to stay focused, clear and aligned with my path.

Looking back at everything that went on, I can finally honestly say that I’m truly grateful the connection came into my life. It has made me a better person, brought people, understanding, the truth and things into my life that never would’ve been otherwise. The connection changed my path and still continues changing my path, even with Shaun not here with me.

I still feel the “pull”, and some days are better than others, but after working with Steve I now know that no matter what happens with the connection in my life, I will be OK. I’ve finally found more of who I am, became more connected to the Universe and Divinity. I’m more open, tolerant, patient, forgiving and loving. I finally found a place where I can love Shaun unconditionally, without the need, whether he’s in my life or not. I found the truth, peace of mind, comfort, happiness and so much more.

I wish you all the best of luck in your own journeys. Know that you are not alone, you are not crazy, you are going through a transformation and you will eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel as I have. I recommend Ptsen-Nuh Energy Mapping to anyone who is finally ready to stop going through the cycle. It’s not a quick fix, but it is one that works, I am proof of that. If you do the practices, you will find comfort, peace of mind and happiness.

Life doesn’t have to be a struggle where no one seems to understand. There is a way out.

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