Can I Take Notes ?

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When i work with someone I ask them to throw the pen and pad away, and that’s not always well received but I do it for a very good reason…. and here’s why.. We tend to have this obsession that life is about information but information is really such a small small element of living.

As an example I play guitar.. and I’ve been playing the chord of G major for decades. It only took about an hour to learn where I put my fingers on the fretboard to play G major when i was around 11 years old…so that was all the information I needed…

But to play that chord and sound anywhere near in the ballpark of how well Eric Clapton does, took many years and experience.. but I could have done it faster if I’d been guided, tutored in the style, the feel, the approach, the nuance, the emotion, the touch – but that’s an interactive experience, that’s not just knowledge or information, you cant just put that down on a notepad because that’s experiential learning not information.

If my tutor could have helped guide me to experience doing it just one time early on, then that would have saved me years of struggle because I would have sampled the experience and realized its nothing to do with information its how I let my energies, my intuition, my passion, my emotion, my touch, my senses all work together for that one moment…. And that’s exactly the same as metaphysics, you work with it you don’t “know” it..very little brain power required…

That’s why after a session people nearly always say they feel better, often very much better, because they’ve experienced what we’ve done and if Ive done my work I have guided them to find, to touch that place for a moment. They won’t just have heard what Ive said as information, they will have allowed themselves to sense it, experience it … Within the session i will explain at some length what is blocking the individual person from being able to achieve the state of flow and balance more permanently, why the block is there , where it came from and suggest an approach to getting past it and suggest some options for them to consider.

And so people leave happy and feeling better but all too often days later the brain has caught up and has 37 questions because suddenly its about knowing things again…

Now that’s usual because we are trained that life is information so that overworked “need to know” muscle will come in and tread over the experience… that’s to be expected… No different to if you go to a weekend spa and get a massage and rest and eat healthy etc and feel great then go back into life and do all the things that get you stressed again….

Its why things like meditation and energy work are the tools of the trade so to speak, of the metaphysical practitioner, not books or knowledge or information. Yes you do need the right information about whats blocking you and why, that’s essential, and you cant get that from a book, someone has to read your energy, your karma and your life path psychically.. but its a small part of the overall mix.. you will also need to get some form of training and guidance from me or someone else.. to learn some things you can use for yourself, something to take home to help you.. may be something really small, may be a all depends on your individual case.

Personally speaking I never say to people they have to use my techniques and I never will I always tell people the first way to work with your energy is to let it lead you to what techniques to use… use your intuition not your head, let only the facts and your intuition talk to you..feel it.. That of course doesn’t stop some wise-ass spouting in a forum that I always tell people they have to use my techniques but lets never allow facts to color whining…

So in summary just like the information of how to play the chord of G major took only one hour and was essential but to learn how to experience it properly took guidance and practice – so will you in some way however large or small in order to not go where you are again.

The information and experience of a consultation is as complete as possible in order to define whats happening and why and what you need going forward, it probably won’t ever be enough for the ego and its 37 more questions, and excuse me if I never pamper to that, but its what will guide you to achieve what you want to achieve..

Just like your guitar teacher will send you home with some practice, your doctor may send you home with a prescription, your nutritionist send you home with a diet or your gym trainer send you home with a workout regime, I’m probably gonna give you a suggestion that you need something – now over to you..

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