Beware self diagnosis

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I see a lot of confusion where people in a time of some sort of spiritual challenge or other reach for books and information to try and find a template that fits what they’re going through.   And indeed there are cosmic laws that apply to all situations BUT where its very easy to get completely misled is in how you apply it to your situation..

One of the reasons I’m glad that my first book is out of print after all these years is because more and more as time went by and it got popular, but instead of focusing on the parts about universal laws and principles, people started rigidly applying the few case studies and examples as hard templates for all situations. When they were just examples of the the general principles at work…

I often speak to people who have misguided themselves through self diagnosis because they were using this information in the wrong way. Some have been in that space for years and used mine and other peoples resources to reinforce a perception – but the perception was wrong, thus misleading themselves and incurring much more trauma over time than they needed to have endured…

The danger with taking these big aspects of cosmic law that apply to all situations and exptrapolating that to mean that cause, effect and outcome will be the same for you is very tempting and very dangerous… Again something I find that people tend to do when I speak to them say 6 months or a year after we did a consultation, they only focus on the one or two aspects that are most important to them and forget the rest.. “cherry picking” things from the consultation or applying retrospective self diagnosis is misleading and you are the one who will get mislead from doing that…

You need to be given context and you need to be given specifics, and HOW the specifics of your situation fits into the cosmic context.. Without both you will struggle.. and a consultation is a complete picture of both. Remove one and you lose all the meaning that you could gleam from it, and delay your finding resolution and peace.

The reason my work was, is and will continue to be in consultation not just authoring is that there is no “one size fits all” that can be written.. and its no accident that people who get guidance on their individual situation generally progress far better than those who just read all the books and try and fit it all together for themselves – applying general rules to specific cases.

The vast majority of people I have the pleasure to work with will take it all as a complete picture and don’t cherry pick, don’t dissect and they make great progress.. But there are also plenty who did self diagonalize but then came to realize the dangers and got themselves back on track and moved forward..and that saddens me that they put themselves through that when they didn’t need to.

Solid metaphysical guidance is the whole picture but its the picture that comes with its own context.. and picking bits out of that to fit into a context you want to believe or have been told by someone else is very dangerous when we consider its your emotional health and happiness thats at stake.

I will stand by what I give you 100% and that it will  turn out to be the case, because its not coming from me or any pre conceived ideas or beliefs or interpreations….  I’m telling you what your energy and the energy around you tells interpretation.

That is the value of objective metaphysics over the fortune teller psychics.. however well-meaning, fortune-telling psychics are part of popular culture, and in the years I’ve been doing this seen so many of them telling people ( for example ) that they’ve got a karmic connection, five or six years later reading the same phenomenon as a soulmate, and now since the social media boom reporting the person has a twin soul.  So the same thing has become 3 different things over the passage of years and subject to the trends at the time..  This is because fortune tellers function as part of social culture and belief and will feed into that.

The truth and reality does not change with social trend or culture, and the results clearly demonstrate that. but as always it is the truth and the reality that will set you free. And despite what you may be led to believe, or fear, the truth and reality are often much much cooler and much much kinder than you can imagine, once you understand and appreciate the context in which they function.

The universe is an amazing place with fascinating processes and by accessing this  through solid metaphysics, you will discover that truly then never was a need to get caught up in the myths and mysticism or to fear the truth.  But guess who is the one person who can not diagnoze our own situation ?



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